Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ornament Exchanges

I had alluded in previous post, I was participating in a Halloween and Thanksgiving Ornament Exchange.  I think I may have posted a pic of my Halloween one but, not the finish.  I did a Prairie Schooler Halloween Jack O'lantern from When Witches Go Riding.    I had picked up the finishing fabric on my Girls Adventure that matched perfectly.  I substituted the threads with Crescent Colors Perfect Piecrust, Black Coffee and Colonial Copper.  
 I had to play around with buttons for placement.  I stuffed it lightly with fiber fill.
 Voila, the finished piece on my china cabinet.  I sent it off with extra goodies.  Both orni's I sent with some hand dyed chenille, ric rac and seam tape.  I had to buy massive amounts with I did the BBD project for my sister's birthday.
 This is the ornament I did for the Thanksgiving Exchange.  It too is a Prairie Schooler Acorns.  I think it is a very sweet Pilgrim couple.  I love the turkey.  I didn't exactly finish it the way explained.  It still looks acorny.  I used DMC thread as the patterns calls for.  I think I will do a bunch of these for myself.  I may just finish them as pincushions though.
 My partner for the Thanksgiving Exchange was really zippy.  I got hers before I sent out the Halloween one.  She did a beautiful job on the one I received.  I love the pattern.  She also sent some great stitchy treats...buttons and some Sullivan floss in beautiful Autumn colors.  I have never seen this floss but, have heard about it.  I was excited to get some to try.  Now I just have to find the right pattern.

 This is such a sweet pattern.
I am headed into the home stretch with the Grim Gourds.  I have to fill in the border with the colors in the pumpkins.  I haven't done much stitching today.  It has been a very rainy weekend.  I should have had time but, we have been busy running errands and cleaning the basement.  We went a bunch of places picking up things to throw in care package for the kids.  I had to stop at the bead store and pick up ends for the Kumihimo bracelets to send to Katy.  She is meeting all kinds of people now and making lots of friends.  She is teaching kids how to make the bracelets. I need to send her some supplies and I picked up some extra looms too.  

 I will get the care packages packed up and sent on Tuesday.  We went to the movies this afternoon, after visiting my mom and saw Argo.  It was a really good movie.  I highly recommend it.  Good thing to do on a rainy, Sunday afternoon.

Finally, it has been so cold and damp since Buster got his haircut, we felt compelled to stop and pick him up a sweater.  It isn't too froufrou so Bob won't make fun of him and he will agree to wear it.  I think he likes it. He isn't scratching at it.
Thanks for stopping and I do love the comments you all send my way.  Hope you have had a great weekend!
Keep on stitching


  1. I love that sweater, your Halloween Ornament is awesome, just finished when Witches GO Riding, I loved it... Please share your opinion of Sullivan's - I have heard so much about it, would love to know if it is different than DMC.

  2. The ornaments so so cute!! I love that turkey too. Buster looks like he is enjoying that sweater. Can't wait to see that color pop in the Grim Gourds...

  3. Great exchanges and stitches. Buster looks very handsome in his new duds!

  4. The ornaments are all gorgeous, great exchange.

    Grim Gourds is looking lovely.