Thursday, October 4, 2012

It Has Been a Week! I'm Exhausted

 It has been a week!  This may get long so, if you aren't into prose than scroll down to the pictures.
Katy has been living in an on-campus apartment.  She had one American sophomore roommate and two 23 y/o grad students from Taiwan.  Katy is a sophomore.  Well, the situation has been less than ideal.  Her American roommate moved out two weeks ago because she couldn't stand it.  I think that Katy was hoping it would get better after they all talked with the resident director and re-wrote the roommate contract to be more specific.  These two Taiwan roommates are party girls.  They are taking one on-campus class and on-line classes from their university in Taiwan.  They drink, they go to bars, they pick up men.  They come home at 1 am and bang into Katy's door.  They talk in Chinese rather than talk to Katy.  We tried as parents to talk to the RD and the Dean of Housing but, until Katy said, "Get me outta here!"  they weren't going to do anything.  Did I tell you they are pigs to boot...leaving food to rot on the counters, not cleaning up their plates and they weren't shutting the shower curtain so the bathroom would have a half inch of water on the floor.  There was hair all over the kitchen.  She called home in near hysterics on Sunday, lonesome, depressed and ready to come home.  I calmed her down and told her to talk to the RA.  She had an appointment on Monday with a Campus Counsellor who after hearing only the part she of who she was living with and nothing about what has been going on, she called the Housing office and got her out of the apartment and moving into a (really good) conventional dorm.  Because of this she has been struggling with Calculus, so I advised her just hire a private tutor.  She has money for that from her grandmother. She is devastated about moving out because she really wanted to be in this apartment style dorm but, knows she can't stay in this situation.  She feels the school is giving these girls preferential treatment because they are internationals.  I don't disagree with her but, there is probably some liability on the University's part.  Still doesn't make it right.  I sure hope some of my tuition or tax dollars don't go towards subsidizing this!

We are going to help her move this weekend. It will be a whirlwind trip because it is Octoberfest and no hotel rooms available.  I do keep reassuring her this is going to be much better for her; a healthier and friendlier environment.  She met her new roommate last night, the suitemates and many of the kids on the floor.  It is the talk of the campus.  I think her father may still call the President of the University.

Prior to all this on Sunday, as I last posted, Ed made a surprise visit home.  Good thing he did because he was having a little issue with a cyst at the top of his gluteal crease.  Sent him to the after hours clinic, they opened it and drained it, packed it, prescribed two antibiotics and pain pills.   Just got him all set up with medication, cookies and on his way back to school before the anesthetic wore off when all the stuff with Katy started.

Then, a while back I posted about the retaining wall fiasco.  Because that project took too long and we couldn't use our sprinkler system, our south side and front lawns were destroyed.  I have work guys in and out of the house the last four days, redoing the sprinkler system because construction ripped out and ruined the south side of the system, bent lines broke stuff.  Then, because they built the wall in the wrong place...three feet of our property the heads are spraying too far so we needed four or five new heads.  They are almost ready to hydroseed and then it should be done.  Hope the weather doesn't turn too cold.

Now for the cross stitch stuff.  I am making progress on the PSS Grim Gourds.  I hope I don't run out of Onyx.  I'll have to order more or I may substitute around the border.  Haven't decided yet

 I should have enough for the alphabet.  I did some color changes so I could use overdyes instead of DMC that the pattern called for.
 I did get a sock going.  I figure I can work on this on the four hour one way ride on Saturday or the four hours back.  
 I just love this color.  It is much more vibrant in person.  Someday, I may ask for a better camera.
 I did a pile of running around today, cleaning, laundry and took the mighty Buster to the groomers.  He looks very handsome.  He has had a rough week with all the commotion.

A while ago I made reference to a "crazy pumpkin" button.  Here it is.  I love this guy!  It is a Shepherd's Bush bell pull.  I didn't get the button back, I just bought the buttons.  

Good news this week came when I found out I got a spot at the Stitching Bee Stitching retreat in beautiful Door County Wisconsin.  I think I have earned it after the week I have had.

Welcome new members.  I'm so glad you joined...hope you don't unjoin after all of this.  Glad you all have checked in.  Hope you are having a good week.  I know things always work out.
Keep on Stitching...fewer side effects than medication.


  1. Wow! That is absolutely incredible! All that money and the poor girl can't even do her studies! I'm glad she is going to be able to move away from that. And yes, I think the taiwan girls should be disciplined.... there are rules to the college living quarters. Socks, Buster and stitches are all looking wonderful!

  2. Sorry to hear about your daughter's problems with her roommates. Glad to hear she's got a better place to live.

    Your wips are looking great.

  3. We all have weeks like this sometimes, glad you have things undercontrol now. Hope you have a great time at your retreat. I have one coming up next weekend and I can't wait to get away for a while.
    Happy Stitching

  4. Oh Monica, I am sending hugs from one Mom of College kiddos to another...I once thought that life would be boring when they were away at school, how very naive of me :) Of course we wouldn't trade it for the world...what a great Mom you are!
    Buster looks handsome indeed, and your WIP is gorgeous and your sock start is beautiful.
    I say you deserve the retreat and hope you enjoy every minute.

  5. What a week! I hope your daughter transitions easily. Sounds like she will definitely be better off! It hardly seems fair that someone taking only one campus class gets to take advantage of the housing.
    Hopefully this week will be smoother for you!