Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Mouse in the House and it's Buster's Fault

I was going to have a really lovely post with all the projects I finished this weekend but, just didn't happen.  Hopefully, in the next few days it will.

Let me tell you a story.  It always starts with a story.  We had unseasonably warm weather this past week.  It was 66 degrees on Thursday.  I was cleaning so I opened the patio door because it was getting warm in the house.  Buster likes to sit in the door and go in and out.

 Fast forward to Thursday night.  I feed Buster can dog food since our big dog had died.  He would only eat canned food after he died but, I always leave some hard food on an old plate.  He has one bowl he likes that doesn't make noise when his dog tags hits it while he's eating, the canned food goes in there.  He's not spoiled is he?  So, Friday morning, I go into the laundry room where he have Buster's food and water.  All the hard food it gone.  I figure he got up in the middle of the night was hungry and ate it.  No big deal, right?

 Friday, I feed him his canned food and put more hard food on the plate.  He always eats his soft food.  I check on the dried food before I go to bed.  There is the pile of food just as I poured it out when I fed him his dinner.  I get up Saturday morning, no hard food.  I am thinking this is pretty weird.  Bob says, "He's getting up and eating."  I asked him, could it be another critter?  He's convinced its Buster.  I'm thinking we need the Trail Cam home to see what's going on, not at the deer feed pile.

Saturday, I go through the same thing again:  feed the dog canned food, leave out hard food.  I check on it before I go to bed.  Same pile of dog food as I had left it at six o'clock.  I shut the bedroom door last night so Buster can't go out.  I figure, if he is hungry he'll bark to get out and eat, or when I get up in the morning the food is there or its not.

Before I do anything else when I got up this morning, I go the the laundry room to check on the food.  OH CRAP!  THE FOOD IS GONE!!  WE HAVE A CRITTER!!!  There is a little mouse turd on the plate.  We stopped and picked up some mouse traps today.  Bob smeared a little peanut butter on the trap and place two in the laundry dog food.
Sorry about the blurry picture of the "TomCat" mouse trap.  It better live up to its name.   I hope we nail the little bugger.  I told Bob he needs to deal with the corpse since he is the hunter.  It all goes back to Buster.  As long as the door was opened, it was his responsibility to protect the domain.

I hope all goes well with everyone on the East Coast and my thoughts and prayers are with you and that you are safe.  Have a great week and expect a stitchy post next time.
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  1. WE have had a few of the same visitors! I really don't like them!!

  2. Hi Monica! Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!! Sure hope you get that little mouse--this is the time of year they love to come inside for warmth...

  3. Cute story Monica! I am glad I am not the only one that has to deal with critters in the house. Hope you catch them all!!!!!
    Have a great week

  4. Poor Buster, slacking on the job! I did see that you got the critter ~ hope there are no more!