Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Poor Top Hat Jack

I was very excited about my Top Hat Jack from Notforgotten Farms.  And it really wasn't a "quick" stitch, especially on perforated paper.  He did turn out very charming I think.  
 I finished him as a candle cover.  Attached the sides with antique buttons from the saved MIL's button collection.
 Let me tell you cutting out the moon and the stars was very difficult.  I tried a matt knife but, had to switch to a small scissors and it still was  a little ragged.
 As I have posted earlier, our internet has been tenative at best.  We have made several phone calls to tech support.  At first it was our wireless we bought another one.  Then they said it was our modem so we bought another one of those too.  Then they said it wasn't up to date enough.  So, we return the first one to Walmart who really didn't want to take it back, "They are telling you that so you get their modem."  We got a more up to date one.  We still had problems.  I went back to the cable office and told them we had done everything we could.  They needed to send a technician.  The technician came out friday and replaced all the connections.  Needless to say, when I tried to send pictures to Notforgotten Farms, it must have not really been sent through.  She didn't get it so, it isn't up for a vote.  It really is okay because, I think there are ones finished much better off.
We had a very busy weekend taking Katy back to college.  I did get to the Crosse Stitchery in La Crosse and will post my treasures tomorrow.  I was happy to see Crafty Cat's stash.  My husband was much more understanding and relieved I only had a small bag.

Can't wait to sit in my Lazy Boy and stitch part 3 of L*K tonight.  I finished my pumpkin orni.
Thanks for stopping, the great comments and welcome new members!
Keep on Stitching.


  1. Very cute finish!! I am sure Lori would love to see it, even if it didn't get in for voting!

  2. Cute finish!!! I know it would have gotton lots of votes!!

  3. Very cute finish! I'm sure you would get lots of votes. Lori should really see your finish. Looks like you had fun at Mainstreet cross stitchery.