Monday, September 3, 2012

Stash and Contests

There are two really great contests that I found while looking at the Wicked Stitcher Blog.  The first is from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  I really love the colors of the supplies.  So check it out Here.  The other one is from Samplers, Silks and Linens.  It is a La-Di-Da pattern and supplies.  Check out this one here too.  I hope my links work.

I went to the Crosse Stitchery and Mainstreet Framing on Saturday.  I saw a jar like this with the crushed walnuts shells in ti.  Since I have a rather large bag of the stuff to use, I found a jar just like it and now have a somewhat more secure container.  There is still some in the bag but, it is more secure too.

 I made a big mistake that Katy is hopefully going to fix for me.  I saw the sampler of Margaret Cottam Sampler.  I really loved it in person and had been toying with the idea of getting it.  I picked it up but, made the mistake of buying two part ones.  I left one with Katy to exchange for me.
 I love finishing things with chenille and picked up three 2.5 yards of each of these colors:  cinnamon, nautical blue and Christmas wreath.
 I loved the colors of this Little House Needleworks Christmas Ornament.  Got the floss for the project.  I'm sure I have some fabric in my stash for it.
 I had used up nearly all my Crescent Colors Falling Leaves and since I really like this color, I replaced it.  The name Wisconsin Woods was all I needed to buy the other color.  It's a purpley-grey that will probably be just good to have on hand for something.
 You know I can't resist the Prairie Schooler and thought these little mittens were awfully cute.
 I believe I have posted about how cute sheep are stitched up.  I found two new sheep to add to the collection.  These guys maybe good to do in the spring.  You know, there really aren't that many spring/summer patterns that really trip my trigger.
 I just love stitching Autumn and Halloween patterns.  I think it is the colors.  I'm so attracted to the rich oranges, reds, browns and dark greens.  I think that's why I was so drawn to the contests mentioned earlier.
 A blurry close up.  These colors are so wonderful.  This is done in DMC thread.
 Finally, a Little House.  The attraction here was the black bear.  He is so handsome.
Just what I needed...more stash.
Thanks for stopping and the wonderful comments.  Hope you have a restful Labor Day.
Keep on Stitching.


  1. Yowza, you picked up some awesome stash :) I really like Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas projects too...I think it is because they remind me of the warm fuzzy feelings I get during that time of the year. I cannot wait to see you start these charts :)


  2. Awesome new stash.. Love those pumpkins, they do look a little grumpy.

  3. Lovely new stash and projects!

  4. Boy oh boy... do you ever have great taste in patterns and threads! I think I'll add all of these to my ever growing list of stuff to stitch! lol!