Monday, September 24, 2012

The Blogging Gods Were Against Me

Yesterday, the blogging gods were just against me.  I was all set ready to get down to business.  I took about two pictures, shut off the camera when I decided wanted to take another one.  Turned the camera back on and poof the battery went from 2/3 charged to no charge and would not take another picture.  Had to pop the battery in the charger.  When it was recharged, I wanted to get on line and NO internet.  I thought, "Oh no, not this again!"  We had been having connection problems a month or two ago.  When Bob got home from the office and a few errands, I broke the news to him.  He informed me he thought it was the area internet not us.  The pay-at-pump wasn't working, inside the gas station was bucky and the pharmacy computers weren't happy either.  I just turned the whole thing off last night, shut off all the computers and rebooted this morning.  Things are much improved.  

The final pic of the Mystery Sampler framed and hanging.  I do most of my own framing and you know, I just can't seem to get things exactly straight.  I guess that just adds to the charm.  LOL
I finished the accompanying smalls on Saturday.  So it was time to finish those off.  The backing material is varigated oranges with spider webs and little black spiders on them.  I have seen on other blogs the great ways people have been finishing off smalls with the complimentary fabric on the front below the design or next to it with the ric've seen 'em.  Thought about it but, further thought it would make the small too big.  Maybe another times.  
 I decided to give it a little omph with some tassels.  I had enough black perle cotton and some 729 perle cotton to wrap around the tassel to jazz it up even more.  The first one, I put the tassels on each top corner.  Its okay but, the rest I put them both on one side and much prefer it.
 I think the tassels on the same side looks a bit jaunty.
 The 729 perle cotton nearly matches the Tobacco linen.
 The trio with one cattywumpus tassel on Spooky.  It must have jumped when I took the picture.
I am now working on my piece for the Thanksgiving exchange.  I have to finish boxing up the Halloween exchange so I can send it off tomorrow.  The mailing deadline is September 30.

Thanks for stopping and welcome new members.  I do love all the great comments you send me.  It makes the blogging all that much more fun.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Lovely finishes Monica!
    I really need to get started on the LK mystery sampler. I love your finishes of all the bonus designs.

  2. What a slew of finishes!!! Love it all. I'm just beginning to stitch part 3 now :)))))))

    Have a great week


  3. It so does add to the Charm - I feel exactly the same. Love your finishes

  4. I love your framing! I wish I knew how to frame my own. I can't afford to have it frame so I'll be turning mine into a wallhanging. I know what you mean by added the fabric and ric rac to the smalls. I've seen it to and it is so cute. I love all your finishes.

  5. I love your Halloween stitching!

  6. Oh gosh, I love those smalls and how you finished them!