Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Satin Stitches and a Laying Tool

I'm working on the satin stitches around the border of the L*K Mystery Sampler.  Usually I railroad.  I usually railroad my cross stitches just because I think they look better.  Since I'm doing so many I thought I would break out my laying tool.  

I think I got this one at a needlework show.  I bought it because it was pretty.  It has a little bow and a bee on the dangly thing at the top.  You can't see it great.  Sorry, my camera only works so good close up.
I bought this one at a stitching retreat I went to with my stitching buddy Arttie, years ago.  It was sponsored by Garden of Stitches in Appleton,WI, which has since closed. The retreat was at a Lutheran Retreat House in Green Lake, WI.  It was a blast!  I digress.  I really haven't an opportunity to truly use it.  Now, I do.   
It is really laying the thread nice and flat with the satin stitches.  Like a said in the previous post satin stitches aren't my favorite.  I think out of the speciality stitches I like the way the Queen stitch looks it just takes so stinking long to do.  
Now this picture actually turned out pretty cool, if I must say.  You can see how the laying tool just slides on the thumb.  It really is easy to use.  Best satin stitches I've ever done.

Thanks for stopping.  Welcome new member and welcome back everyone else.  I love to hear the comments from everyone and sometimes I even answer back.  
Keep on Stitching and have a great tomorrow


  1. Hey Monica Your LK mystery sampler is looking great. I railroad but have never used a laying tool. Thanks for the info.

  2. I have never seen one of these tools before. I still don't understand it, but it looks really really cool.