Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Exchange

I finished the cross stitching on my ornament for the Thanksgiving exchange.  It is Prairie Schooler Acorns.  There is another one I plan on doing for my self.  I may have to do this one again for my smalls collection.  I think the little pilgrims are quiet quaint.  I have to work on finishing it off.  I have machine work to do.  I have other projects I have machine work to do on.  I'll probably do it this weekend since I got my house cleaned !  Hooray for me.  I have also been painting boxes for some  Christmas gifts.  I wanted to get those done so I can Briwax them this weekend while the weather is still nice and I can do it outside.  The stuff is a little stinky.  
 I have started Plum Street Samplers Grim Gourds.  I like Grumpy Pumpkins better.  I changed the threads to Weeks Works.  It was charted for either NPI silks or DMC.  I would love to but, have pretty much decided not to spend the money on silks.  I guess I'm drawing the line.  Although the NPI aren't as expensive as the Belle Soie silks, I still think is quite a bit of money and if the project calls for a lot of colors it adds up.  You can start to see the face of the first grim gourd.  I am chewing through the Onyx thread.
 I do check the projects offered by the Inspired Needle for 2012 Year of Smalls.  I have only bought the ones I like rather than getting them all.  I have tried automatic ships, and I want to see what the project is before committing myself.    I really wasn't too crazy about the September pattern.  Sunflowers and Acorns  was August.  I love the orange thread.  It's GAST Tomato.  Absolutely great color.  The picture doesn't do  it justice.
 The October project is from With Thy Needle and Thread called Autumn Splendor.  I thought about getting this one last year when it first came out but, I didn't.  I decided not to wait longer and decided to get it now.  I still really like this one so, that must mean it is meant to be.  
 Again, this picture doesn't do it justice.  This is GAST brick path and a varigated Redish-greyish-greenish if you know what I mean.
 Just the other colors for the project.  The colors are really great together.  I have been painting a wooden pencil type box to finish this once it is stitched.  There is a lovely pincushion pattern as part of the chart pack that I may be doing.
 This should be a really speedy project.  Calls for antique buttons.  I should be able to dig some out of the button tins I have.
This whole blogging thing makes me work a little faster on projects so I have something to blog about.  I do have to work on some top secret things...the reason why I am painting a bunch of boxes today.  You know I had a paint brush sitting on the counter while I was mixing some paint colors in a jar.  Do you think I can find that stupid thing.  I don't know where I put it down.  I took off a label.  Stuck the label to the newspaper but, have no idea where I put the brush.  It was either pixies or me losing my mind.

As always, a big WELCOME to the new comers and I am so glad you have joined me.  I love the comments you all send.  I had some really wonderful ones after the last posting with the smalls.
Keep on stitching and have a really great day.


  1. It's the Pixies I just know it.... Will be checking out Autumn Splendor I love it too, thanks for sharing.

  2. The Year of smalls is a great idea... but, like you, I get nervous with autoships. I have the Autumn Splendor and Sunflowers and Acorns as both of those caught my eye too! Such pretty designs for such a pretty time of year! Happy Stitching to you!

  3. I have just joined your blog - I love the pictures of your Prairie Schooler - a lot of work went into those - your lizzie kate looks pretty as well and you also have some great projects lined up, look forward to seeing you stitch them up - see you again soon!