Saturday, September 29, 2012

Big Surprise

Our son Ed called this morning to chat.  He was driving around.  About an hour later he came walking in the door.  He decided to take a road trip to see his old parents.  Just as he was walking in, I was getting ready to go to the Rainbow Yarn.  I told him he was coming with me, we would pick up subs, see Grandma and then go grocery shopping.  He said, "Really, Mom, Really?"  In that tone that only a 19 year old can do.  I told him he was going to love it.  "Really, Mom, Really?"  Well he did.  

 You see, Rainbow Yarns is also an Alpaca farm.  They have several Alpacas.  These are the girls.  They are much shyer than the boys.  You can sort of get an idea of how the trees are changing.
 Sorry the pictures are a little fuzzy.  I don't know how this happened.
 This little girl was by the fence when we started walking toward it.  She got up and walked away.  She is a beautiful color.
 This is Colby.  He's a boy and one of the friendliest ones.  He will go to some of the shows around the area.  The only thing is you can't pet the heads.  They are very sweet and really cool animals.
 A little closer up.
 We were able to go into the pen and Ed got to feed some kibble to Colby.  I have a picture from Ed's I-  phone but, it is sideways so I won't post it.
 This one came closer when there was food involved.  He had really interesting head hair.  It was like really large pom poms.
 I think the brown one is M80.  He has been father to a lot of babies.  He gets studded out.  Another lady in the yarn store had brought pictures of some of the his shired   babies her Alpaca had.
 Some of sock yarn I bought today.  Its Paca Ped...alpaca, wool and nylon.  It makes the most gorgeous socks
 The blue is called Deep Seas, the Green is called Green Gator and the pink is Kaleidosock.  The colors are beautiful.  I may have to get them on the needles so I can work on them to break up the cross stitch.  Same pic but, no flash.
What a great surprise.  When it was all said and down, Ed said, "Who knew you could have so much fun at a yarn shop."

Welcome new members.  I'm so glad you have joined.  I hope you all have a good surprise this weekend.
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  1. Had to Google Alpaca, WOW, there are some things I know so little about. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They look so sweet! So why is it you can't touch their heads? Love the colors and names of those yarns!