Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Updates

So I am cruising on the socks.  I turned the heel on the second sock yesterday and have gotten an inch and half beyond that.  I could have done more but, it has busy around here.  I made homemade chicken soup and homemade bread yesterday.  A KitchenAid really takes the work out of the bread.  One loaf was regular for dinner last night and the second loaf was cinnamon for breakfast.  I love my KitchenAid.
 I have been making some progress on the Mystery Sampler.  I have all the tree branches done.   I have started on the leaves.  It is moving along. 
I also cleaned some of the basement today.  I brought up some more stitching supplies as I start taking over Ed's closet, only the side he really doesn't use.  I need to get that stuff organized.  I cut cardboard for three Prairie School pieces I have done over the last year.  I will get those pressed and centered to lace up the back. 

Did you notice the recent blog posts on With Thy Needle and Thread....the Whitman Hearts.  I did buy 4 hearts.  Some are to give away but, I will tell the kids to keep the boxes for future use.  I have to get that pattern.  It is awfully cute and may make great gifts.  Too many project too little time. 

Keep on Stitching.

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