Monday, January 2, 2012

Latest: Homespun Elegance Cinnamon Stick Santa XXIII - Such Delight

I was really hoping that I would have had time to do this before Christmas but, with the family circumstances it just didn't get done.  I decided to work on it now for next year.  It is a combination of DMC, GAST, Weeks and Wisper.  I do have a bunko brush that I got several years ago when I did another Homespun Elegance Santa that is framed and one that is a bellpull.  It should fluff up the fibers.  There was discussion on the 1-2-3stitch message board about it.  A lot of stitcher use velcro.  I have used a toothbrush in the past. 

If you haven't gotten on the 1-2-3stitch message board you should try it.  I like the format better than the typical message board.  And the topics really are soup to nuts.  If I fall asleep the last five minutes of a TV show, I can always get the rundown.  Sometimes though, I find the political topics a little too intense and generally avoid them.  People can get a little snarky but, that goes with the territory of some anonimity. 

I digress, here is the where I am on this project.  It is really a quick stitch.
Keep on Stitching. 
Watch for the Elegant Stitch New Years Eve Sale results. 

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