Sunday, June 1, 2014

Senior Moment

Should have posted the three pieces on the last post but, forgot.  
I took the picture but, didn't load it on the computer.  
This is how the set looks.  
I like to be matching.  
 Started on BBD Sisters "Witch no More".
Wait till you see how I'm going to finish this.  
It will start a trend!
Can't tell you any more than that.  
The house was suppose to be Old Purple Paint.  
I needed to order some of the thread for this from 123 Stitch and I swear I didn't think they were making that color any longer so I switched it for the Weathered barn and then subbed that color with another...Old Red Paint ( I think).  I don't have it near by and I'm too lazy to look for it.  
We were at Home Depot in our journeys yesterday after dropping off stuff at St. Vincent.
We needed some grass seed and found this little set for $50 and thought it would look cute on the front porch.  
I need to cut of the tags but, I wanted to wait to make sure I liked it.  
 We were back there for a new door knob for my mom and I picked up some geraniums and potted them in a yellow ceramic pot.  
It needed a splash of color.
 My shadow, Buster, waiting for me to finish taking the pictures.  
It has been a busy weekend.  Lots of phone calls from Katy as she is moving into a sublet for the summer.  She is moving in with friends who will be renting the apartment for the school year.  The third girl is not there for the summer.  Katy will be moving back into the dorm at the end of the summer.  With her health issues, she felt it was better to stay on campus.  (That nearly took an act of congress since there isn't enough dorms).  The apartment was suppose to be furnished.  When she got there is morning, there is a bed platform with drawers underneath but, no mattress.  Apparently, the mattress isn't included but, that is probably okay for hygiene issues.  The two girls who will be staying went and bought used mattresses.  That just sounds sketchy.  That is probably one thing I would think twice about buying used.  Instead, Katy went to Gander Mountain and bought an inflatable mattress and the extended warranty for $10 more.  She figures when she has friends visit, she can use it for them.  As she has tried to settle in, she hasn't been too impressed.  Apparently, there are issues with the outlets.  Most plugs on things have the two different sized prongs.  The plugs are old and don't fit those types of plugs.  I guess they will figure it out.

That is it for now.  The mosquitoes are regular vampire bats right now and ferocious!!!
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.

Keep on Stitching


  1. All the stitching looks great. I have the stash to do the BBD design. I can't wait to see how you finish it. Your Katy story reminded me of some of the adventures we had when my DD was at the U of Florida.

  2. Beautiful stitching!.Love your porch set, it looks fantastic and quite the bargain too! Hope everything works out for your daughter. Campus living just seems to be one problem after another!

  3. Your stitchings are beautiful and Buster is very cute!!!:)

  4. Your needlework set is lovely! I like your weathered barn and old red paint house. Looking forward to seeing more of your BBD piece.

    Robin in Virginia