Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Get Into Trouble.

The Silver Needle had specials everyday for the month of May.  The last one was 50% off Homespun Elegance which happens to be one of my favorites.  I was cleaning when I got the phone call from The Silver Needle letting me know they were out of what I had ordered.  Okay, no problem.....NOT.  No biggy, I'll check 123 Stitch for Freedom House Button Sampler.  I have done other button samplers so I have a frame I can pop different ones into.  No luck on 123Stitch.  Check Hoffman Distributors....not there either.  So onto Ebay.  There is a pile of Homespun Elegance on Ebay but, not what I'm looking for.  There are lots of other things on I ordered about $35 dollars worth.  See what I mean....trouble, TROUble, TROUBLE!!!!  Like I really need anything else.

SICK, SICK, SICK....oh well not as bad as some other diseases I could have.

I did order some things from Therese Venettes Etsy.   Got hooked by $10 for BBD Sarah's house but only ordered one other pattern.
And With Thy Needle and Thread:  Pink Sparrow Sampler.  
This is a very sweet pattern. 

I did battle at Walmart this morning.  My modus apperendi is to go by 8 am because it doesn't usually start getting really obnoxious until 9 am.  Guess what, other people have figured that one out.  POOH!!!  Well, it could have been worse.

Got my haircut at 10 and then came home and spring cleaned by Great Room.   I vacuumed furniture and washed windows to my Disco Inferno channel on Pandora.  I think I got my work out for the day.  By 2 pm Buster and I were dozing in our Lazy boy to TCM.

Great Day!!!
Really busy day at work tomorrow....13 clients.  That should keep me running and lunch with PB&J at my desk doing paper work.

Finally, progress on my latest BBD
 That should pretty much do it for the updates.  Saturday, we have a graduation party to go to and then laundry on Sunday.  Pretty exciting.

Keep on Stitching....the battery is about to die.


  1. A really great start! Plus very good stash! Enjoy your busy week-end!

  2. One thing leads to another, right? lol
    Great stash you bought though.
    Nice progress on the BB piece.

  3. Nice stash! And lovely stitching.

  4. Wonderful stash:). Have a great weekend!:)