Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Get To Start A New Project

I had a great day off!
I sat and stitched this morning, drinking coffee and watching TCM.
It was Dame Mae Whitty day and some great movies.  
I didn't get going until after Suspicion and Alfred Hitchcock from the 1940's.
My personal favorite AH decade followed by the 1950's movies. 
 I finished my BBD Sisters.  
I couldn't decide what year to put in with the date so I left it open for interpretation.  

I worked on my BBD SAL sampler.  
I finished the border and started the next set of alphabet.
The fabric is pretty small count so it should only be worked on it daylight.  
I am going to start a 4th of July stitch tonight.  
I have been chomping at the bit. 
Flowers are ready to pop!
The peonies are going to be spectacular!
 They are nearly open
 Bit of a blur but, there is an ant on this one.  
These are a darker pink.
 The Weiglia took a beating but, they are blooming. 
 The potted annuals are going to town.
Buster is keeping an eye on the neighborhood. 
Good boy Buster!
 The hanging basket is a Dahlia.
This rose bush has really spread.  
I had to move the Coral Bells last year to the other side of the Potentilla.
 I love the color of these Coral Bells.
The stems are all twisty and cool. 
The new perennial  to this bed Hare Bells.  
Can't remember the official name.  
 After I cleaned and fed my husband and his assistant lunch, I ran errands.
The local book store's magazine distributor just up and went out of business.  
They were the distributors for the entire area:  Shopko, Kmart, Walmart, grocery stores.
The book store had a half off sale going on. 
I went nuts and got a pile of mags.  
The bead magazines are for Katy.  
I texted all my friends.  
Bad for the bookstore, good for me. 

One more day of work and it will be very busy.  
Hooray, the weekend.
As always, thanks for stopping and commenting.  
Love to hear from you all. 
Have a wonderful weekend.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Beautiful stitching! Flowers are so pretty..will be interested to see what you choose for your 4th of July stitch....have a great Friday!

  2. I just love the way the BBD design looks. Now know I have to stitch that one! Your yard is looking so pretty. Our peonies are about done but I have really enjoyed them.

  3. Great stitching! Your flowers look wonderful, ours took a beating too with all those storms, but yours are recovering nicely!

  4. Congrats on the finish! The sampler is looking great too.

  5. Great finish and stitches ~ and beautiful flowers!!