Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm in the Mood for Patriotic Patterns

I have had quite a day.
We are in the midst of estate planning.  
I stood at the bank to get the kids names on our bank accounts as beneficiaries so it doesn't need to go to probate. 
Then, I had to stand at the customer service counter at Walmart to pick up the cane my mom left.
She was there on Tuesday and was in the check out line, when a girl came over and gave her some flowers.  
She was so amazed by it, she forgot her cane.  
I stopped and picked it up for her before I went to her house.
My mom likes to quilt but, she is having some real issues piecing the tops.
What usually happens is, I'm at Joann Fabrics with her and she decides she wants to buy fabric for...table runners, place mats or quilts but has no pattern.  
She then expects the clerks to figure out how much fabric she needs without a pattern. 
The last time, my oldest sister was with me.
We picked out kind of a pattern from a kit they had without buying the kit because she didn't like the fabric and it was cheaper to buy bolt fabric.
Are you following me so far?
My sisters who quilt cut the pieces out however, there are some mistakes.
The strips for the rail fence need to be 2 x 6 1/2 and some were cut 2 x 6.
Mom and my aunt can't figure out what wrong.
Fortunately, I have a good friend who is a quilt pro and is going to get things straightened out.  

Now, for Patriotic patterns.
After I got done at my moms, having packed everything up and brought it home, I got things ready for some 4th of July stitching.  
I think this is going to me my Smalls SAL.
The sheep's body is a satin stitch but, I'm thinking of tormenting myself with french knots.
I will decide after I get some of the stitching done. 
Homespun Elegance Summer Fun
 I also want to do Homespun Elegance Freedom House Button Sampler.  
I need two more flag buttons, they are on order. 
I have had to sub some of the thread because I don't want to order 4 skeins for s small amount of stitiching.  
 Finally, my BBD update.  It is moving along rather nicely.
I worked on it last night at stitching groupl
I have a very busy day tomorrow....14 clients to see.  
I'm just hoping I can keep up with the paper work so I don't have to stay too late to finish it.
I believe we will be dining out tomorrow night....Ma ain't cookin!
Have a wonderful stitchy weekend!
Thank you for all your wonderful, encouraging comments!
It is always so great to hear from you!
Keep on Stitching


  1. Being a former quilter, I thought you had quite an experience with your Mom. Plus the girls at Jo Ann's were probably not much help. I love how the BBD is looking. Good luck on the cute patriotic charts!

  2. Great Patriotic pieces you have lined up.
    Your BB is coming along nicely.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Your BBD is so lovely - not much left to go! Enjoy the new projects.

  4. Love your patriotic choices!!!