Sunday, June 15, 2014


Look at this!!
I haven't read the article yet but, it looks like butter is safe!
I greatly prefer butter over margarine.  
Its cheaper than Smart Balance which is what we usually use.  
Been having issues with the computer.  
Things started acting wonky last week.
On Wednesday, Bob worked on cleaning things up.
By Thursday, I had a new virus and worse problems. 
I prefer Chrome over Explorer.  
It usually works smoother for me.  
Bob says that is the problem...Chrome.
He's been working on it for two days.
Fingers crossed, he got things cleaned off.  
Advice:  don't ever upgrade when you get those pop ups saying you need an updated version.  
That will assuredly get you in trouble every time.  
Been steadily working on my BBD.  
Getting close to finishing.
Finally, my friend Arttie aka Dr. Quilt, got my mom's quilt straightened out.
She is the bomb!
Hopefully, my mom understands putting it together. 
I explained it too her and I know how it works so if she gets hung up, I can help her. 
Otherwise a wonderful weekend. 
The weather wasn't too bad, some rain but we need that.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Thanks for the wonderful comments.
Keep on Stitching 


  1. Don't they just keep changing their minds about what is good for us and what is not?! Anyway, I love the way your BBD is looking. It makes me want to start work on mine right away.

  2. Love how it is coming along so pretty...

  3. It's probably an interesting article.
    I read somewhere that margarine is close to eating plastic! :(
    Your BB is looking great!

  4. I never thought margarine was a good idea. Butter is real food and it's good to see it get some good press. :)
    Your BBD is looking lovely.

  5. The BBD is just lovely - enjoy finishing it

  6. I have always used real butter and real sugar ~ just need to moderate!