Friday, January 3, 2014

Slow But Sure It Is Going Away

Sadly enough, the Christmas decorations are going away.
We didn't decorate the tree until Katy got home.
It will come done tomorrow.
I have put away the Christmas stitching. the Santa's, the Snowmen and checked the Christmas cards.
My card list is really dwindling.
Cards just about must me a thing of the past.  

I have been working on the Stacy Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm  
 This is really a lovely piece, but slow going. 
 It is rather large.
 I have a feeling two skeins of Piney Woods isn't going to be enough.  
It has been brutally cold.
The morning low was -23.
The coldest spot in the UP was about 50 miles west of here and it was -31.
Tomorrow is suppose to be around 20 but windy.  
I plan on getting the grocery shopping done then.
It is suppose to be extremely cold on Monday.
The high -8.  
I had on long underwear today!
I had to stop and get gas today. 
The first gas station I went to if you wanted to pay at the pump you had to enter your zipcode.
My fingers were so cold and my brains froze I couldn't get it straight.
You then had to see the cashier who informed me I could pump but, had to pay inside.
I bagged it because I didn't want to walk across the parking lot again.
I went to a different gas station.  

Hope it isn't too cold or snowy where you are.
Stay warm and stitchy


  1. What a wonderful start! I think I'll start the summer at Hollyberry Farm. I stand a chance of getting that one finished! Stay warm!! Before we moved to the Seattle area we considered Traverse City. I love that part of Michigan but I know it can get cold!

  2. Your Stacy Nash is looking gorgeous, great progress

  3. I would have gone to another gas station too. I hate going inside.
    Gorgeous progress on Hollyberry Farm.

  4. Lovely stitching. Looking forward to seeing it complete. And here I was complaining about 7°F...

  5. Love your Holly Berry farm.I'm thinking of starting the spring piece. Going to be super cold here Monday they already closed schools (Milwaukee) stay warm Kathy

  6. Nice progress on this lovely piece! I've been neglecting mine, because the border is a bit boring to stitch - have to take it in small bits, so I just pull it out every now and then :-)

  7. I love this piece and the entire series! Hope you have had some break from the bitter cold!