Sunday, January 12, 2014

8:30 Dessert Time

Just waiting until 8:30.
Dessert time!
All those apples I peeled, cut, dipped in salt water and froze in October, I used some for Apple Crisp.
When the kids were home and Desperate Housewives was on, it was a Sunday night ritual.
We would ask Ed when to have dessert.
He always said 8:30.
Now they are at college and we still occasionally have dessert.
I ask the husband, "Bob, what time should we have dessert?"
Oh Wow!  He says 8:30.
Imagine that!
I suppose it will always be 8:30.

It was a very normal weekend and Sunday.
Very busy but normal.
Last Sunday, I drove to Milwaukee to my sister's with my 86 year old mom.
Her cousin had died very unexpectantly.
She was determined to go.  So I took her.
As far as funerals go it was very nice.  
She was 84 and had been more like an aunt when we were growing up.
She and her family were the nearest family we had growing up in Milwaukee.  
She was an amazing woman.
She was incredibly involved in the church, community and family.  
It was a whirlwind trip during brutally cold weather.  
Fortunately, my car has a heating block, so when we got to my sister's we plugged it in.
It started like a champ the next morning.  

Of course, since the weather has been warming up....that usually means....yep
We had about four inches when we woke up yesterday.  
It was enough to have to snowblow.
Especially at the bottom of the driveway since the snowplow dumps at the bottom of our drive.
Some pictures of the snow.
First ones I have posted.  
 The trees were beautifully frosted.  
 It hasn't been that cold
 We have a burning bush just outside our bedroom window.  
 It has small red berries on it this year.  
 You can see them a little better here. 
 I thought I would show you how I keep my projects rolled up.
You know I am the hoopless stitcher...I don't use hoops or frames.  
When I work on a large piece, I just roll it up.
 I have made some progress on the border.  
I am ready to take a break 'cuz it is a bit monotonous.  
I have started working on the tree above the girl. 
 Did get all the chores done and did some work in my sewing room, straightening things up.
I was going through some smalls patterns to get ready for the SAL.
That is some good incentive to get some of those projects done.  
Thanks for the wonderful comments. 
I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
It makes my day.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week.
Keep on stitching

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  1. How was the Apple Crisp? Did you wait until 8:30? Love your snow pictures; lucky you! We have had maybe an inch of snow plus an inch of ice/sleet accumulation so far this winter. Your WIP is looking good!

    Robin in Virginia