Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Mother Drives Me Crazy

As you have read in my posts it has been terrifically cold. 
When it is this cold your car has a tendency not to want to start if it isn't consistently used.
Yesterday, my 86 y/o mother has a beauty shop appointment and her car won't start.
She calls the garage and the wrecker comes and starts her car.  
They tell her to let it run for 45 minutes (so the battery charges) before she could turn it off.
She got to her hair appointment.
It started just fine after that and she got home.
She can't figure out why it didn't start.  
When I stopped and saw her on Sunday, I asked if she needed anything from the grocery store.
It was very snowy and windy and the temperature was going to drop.  
She said she was fine until Wednesday when she was going to go out, get her hair done and stop at the store.
So when she asked me the question "Why didn't my car start?"
I responded, "Because you have started it since Friday or Saturday:  4 or 5 days."
She now has been arguing with me that she had gone out before Wednesday.  
Today, being concerned about her car, she started it.
She has an automatic start button on her key.
Those only turn the car on 10 or 15 minutes to warm up the car then it shuts off.
She couldn't figure out why the car didn't run for 45 minutes like she wanted it too. 
"It just shut off."
I explained to her what I just stated above and she argued with me.  
She is making me crazy!

I have posted the latest update on Prairie Schooler February.  
The needle has been moving pretty fast.

It was much warmer today but, that has come to mean snow.
We got 5-6 inches.  
Then the temperature is going to drop.  
It won't be quite as cold but, it is still going to be pretty frigid, a high tomorrow of 13.

Hooray, as always tomorrow is Friday. 
One of the things I would like to accomplish this weekend is dye a little piece of fabric for the Primitive Hare Freebie Link Here.
This is a wonderful little piece just in time for Valentine's Day.
I will do it in some redish, pinkish overdye.

Hope your week has been wonderful.
Thank you to everyone who stops and takes the time to comment.  
Have a great weekend...we are all getting cabin fever in this neck of the woods. 
I may need to bake some cookies even though Bob will complain if I do...
Who in their right mind complains about homemade cookies?
Keep on stitching


  1. Monica, I live in Chicago and it has been a harsh winter here. But, then I read your posts and I think, "It could be a little worse." However, your sitching is beautiful! and I Iove reading your blog! Keep on keepin on :)

  2. Mothers! You'll notice I leave mine off my blog. I save that crazy for therapy! Stay strong! And warm.

  3. Great stitching on the PS. I love their designs. A funny story about your Mom!

  4. Sorry re the Mother situation , know that you are not alone , I have the same issues with mine, it does my head in. I think it's a world wide problem ! Love the prairie schooler !
    Cheers, Karen

  5. My sweetheart complains if I bake too often. He says you can't keep making that stuff because then I eat it! Well that is the point right? LOL but I do know what he means...all that sugar sort of makes you feel icky a little while later. I am in Neenah, WI. Cold, cold, bitter cold, snow, shovel, repeat. Hoping for a gentle spring.

  6. This cold is causing problems for everyone. Love your PS stitching! Have a great weekend!

  7. Those little arguements may drive you nuts but treasure them! Our weather is supposed to get back into the normal range this weekend so I am hoping this is all of that awful cold for this year!

  8. Poor Mom. Poor YOU! Hang in there.
    Your stitching is lovely. I was thinking of stitching up the Primitive Hare freebie this weekend too.
    My husband loves cokies but I have to give most of my baked goods to the neighbors. He will eat one or two pieces, or a few cookies and then not touch the rest! I've told him the days of worrying about his waistsize are over.

  9. Been catching up on your last few posts ~ love seeing your stitches! As for the cold and snow, I am ready for spring. We are having a lovely warmup this weekend, only to be hit with the cold again. My head can not keep up with the temperature changes! And moms, well, they are our moms....they might call it payback for all we may have put them through! Hugs!

  10. You are moving along quite well with your PS piece. Stay warm and enjoy your Sunday!

    Robin in Virginia