Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Glasses...Yippee and Cartwheels!

I'm so excited about my new glasses.  
You have to look close but, embedded in the lenses are little magnets.  
I think you can see them better on my boosters...the lenses without the frames.  
When I'm doing close work:  computer, stitching or removing stitches out of hands I see GREAT!
It has majorly cut back on the eye and neck strain when working on the computer.
With my progressive lenses I have had to tilt my head back to see the screen.  
I do paperwork on a computer all day.  
Now I don't have to keep my head tilted back.  
In general I'm seeing better out of the new glasses from an update correction and do a lot of close stuff without the boosters.
Stitching is much more enjoyable with the booster.  
I have sunglasses that click on too.  
I can still watch TV with them on.  
When I'm stitching I mostly listen anyway.  
If I'm more interested in TV they just pop off.  
I'm cruising on Prairie Schooler February.  
I love Prairie Schooler.  
 Alternate winkly picture.  
 I have also been working on a pair of socks for Bob.  
Its knitting up looking like camo.
The yarn is a very yummy alpaca blend.  
All the schools in the area are closed tomorrow because the high will by -7 and the windchill will be -25 to -48.  That is way too stinking cold.  I wish I had the day off tomorrow.  I could really use a day to stitch.  The weekends are just way too filled with chores and errands that I don't get nearly as much time to stitch as I would like.....Oh well, (heavy sigh)

I am glad I'm not part of Stitching from the Stash SAL.  I broke down and ordered Valentine Truffles from Shepherds Bush, the fabric and the floss.  That would have put me over the $25 limit.

One last thing.  I caught a minute of Dr. Oz last week and he was talking about home remedies.  And most opportune, he was talking about digestion issues.  My daughter with the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has a terrible time with her stomach so my ears perked up.  She saw the doctor last week for issues.  He recommended Ginger Tea.  Of course, I stopped at the local supermarket and found some.  I did have to try it before I sent it off to her at college.  I got Lemon-Ginger by Stash Tea (That must have been an omen dontcha think.)  I love the stuff!  I picked up some this weekend for me when I went grocery shopping.

Thanks for the great comments.  I missed the Grow your Blog party this weekend (second heavy sigh).
Hope everyone had a great time and not suffering from a bloggy hangover.  Stay warm where you are and if you heat with propane may your tank stay full!!!!

Keep on Stitching


  1. So glad to hear the glasses are working great! I have three pair to avoid the tri focals!! DH think I'm crazy. Love the stitching. You can't go wrong with a PS. I will give the tea a try. I have no problems but it sounds good and STAY WARM! I just can't believe how cold it has been for so much of the nation!

  2. Glad the glasses are helping with the close up stuff as well as relieving the eye/neck issues. Will have to look for the tea you mentioned the next time I hit a store. Fabulous progress on your PS piece, Monica. Love them as well!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Cool glasses! Stay safe in this crazy weather. I wish that you and I both could stay home and stitch :) The sock look great! PS is the best.
    Have a great week!

  4. Your glasses sound great. I keep forgetting mine and working on the computer is a nightmare. I've broken up with winter, but now he's stalking me. :-(

  5. Hi Monica, I love PS. I have not yet stitched one of her designs yet but hope to in the future. My daughter has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome also. She has soft tissue problems and has already had surgery on both knees because of it. Her stomach is always upset, I will have to tell her about the tea, Thank you!!! (she is at college also)

    1. If your daughter wants someone to talk to about EDS, I am always open to swapping stories and comparing experiences. My e-mail address is
      Katy (Monica's daughter with EDS)

  6. so glad you like your new glasses. Stitching and computer work can be awful with the wrong glasses!