Thursday, January 9, 2014

Incredibly Cold

It has been incredibly cold here.
It was -25 this morning at 7 am and didn't break 0 until about 11 o'clock.
I think there have been places colder but, that is pretty doggone cold.
Fortunately, the dog didn't get stuck in the cold
Schools were closed for two days and there was a two delay today.
I don't think there was a school open in the U.P. Monday or Tuesday.
It did get to a high of 15 today.
I think the polar vortex may be done for now.
You know what means....SNOW!
It doesn't sound too bad though 2-5 inches.  

I am awfully glad that the holidays are over and hopefully back to normal.
I think the older I get the more I prefer the status quo.
I must be getting old and boring.  

I am getting ready for the Smalls SAL.
These are the supplies for the first project.  
I don't know that I will get all twelve projects ready as I have seen.
I may get a few in the queue on the ready.  
 GAST Adobe
Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Hand dyed floss:
 1795 Ocean Waves and 1795 Best Olive Green.
You will just have to wait until the post.
I am using the aluminum spice container to finish it.
I had picked the container up at a antique store in Eagle River, WI.

I have been making slow and steady progress on the Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.
It is slow going.

That pretty much sums it up.  
Trying to clear the debris from the holidays and the last year. 
Thanks for the wonderful comments you send my way.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Keep on stitching.


  1. Christmas At Hollyberry Farm is so worth the time. It is beautiful. If I start the summer soon, I may have it done by summer! Stay warm!!

  2. Love your stitching and I'm absolutely in love with Ocean Weaves. I'm using this color for 'Forget Me Not'.

  3. I'm also stitching Christmas at Hollyberry Farm--seems to be taking me forever--your piece is beautiful

  4. So glad that the cold has eased up. Hollyberry Farm is looking great!

  5. Your Christmas piece is coming along. Looking forward to seeing what your small will be!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. I love seeing your Hollyberry Farm and can't wait to see what your making with your small. The thread is beautiful.

  7. Love the progress on Hollyberry Farm. You are doing great


  8. That's the first time I've seen that border up close... It's beautiful in its self!!! Your mystery project sure does sound intriguing too......

  9. Can't wait to see the mystery project! Love the dress on the lady in Hollyberry!!