Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Crabby

I'm having one of those crabby days. 
Work has just been way too much work.
Usually, I really love my job but, it has just been way too much work.
Everyone has been crabby and that's okay.
Well you know how that works.  
It is way too cold too!
Right now it is -12, UGH!
I'm tired of having to warm up my car so it moves.
I know there are parts of the country where they have been dumped on.
But, I have a serious case of cabin fever. 
I should have warned you all I was having a pity party so you could have worn your party hat.  
 Racegoer dons a fancy ahead of day two
Oh maybe this.
A woman wearing a fancy hat at the Royal Ascot horse race meeting
I have finished my small for the SAL and have to post it on January 29th.
I have started Prairie Schooler February.
 A little closer.  
Good News:  I did get my new glasses today.  
I am liking them.  
I'm anxious to see if the boosters help reduce my eye fatigue and make close up work easier.
In-other-words, computer and stitching.
The only bad thing was there was only one clip on.
I don't know what got messed up but the sunglass clip on wasn't there.  
Oh well...
Glad its Friday.
I'm ready for a weekend.
Hope You had a good week.
Thanks for all the great comments
Keep on stitching,


  1. We are all allowed to have an occasional pity party!! I just noticed that you are a hand therapist, I wish we lived closer, I would consult you about my trigger thumb. I worry so much about my hands and the stitching I love.

  2. Oh Monica, everyone needs to be crabby at times. And I think winter brings it out more so than the other seasons. You are off to a good start with your PS piece! Have a good weekend!

    Robin in Virginia