Thursday, June 6, 2013

So Stinkin' Long

Don't get me wrong, I really like how it is turning out but, it seems like it is taking so stinkin' long to finish this!  I have been very busy with work and life in general.  I just want to finish it.  There are so many more projects in the hopper. I have a slew of patriotic I want to start on.   
 I just got the latest LHN Sheep.  He is so cute.  A little  black sheep.  I do have some dark brown Wisper thread.  I may decide to use it.  
Cooking around here can be a challenge.  Bob has to watch his carbohydrates since he is early Type II diabetic and Katy is Gluten intolerant.  She really likes Chinese but, I haven't been able to buy GF Teriyaki or Soy Sauce locally.  I decided to look online and ordered directly from Kikkoman.  It came today so I made Teriyaki Chicken tonight.  She has really missed Chinese food.  
 Finally, I have finished the June Prairie Schooler.  Katy thinks the 
bird is a little weird but, I like her!
I am really glad tomorrow is friday.  I am really ready for the weekend.  I am sure it is 
going to be busy than what I want it too be.  

Thank you for stopping and taking the time comment.  The comments are always greatly 
appreciated.  I hope you have a great weekend

Keep on Stitching


  1. Looks like you really are very close to finishing up your piece. I understand what you mean though. I've stitched pieces in the past, and though I loved them, it just seemed like it took forever to finish them. It doesn't make you feel any better when you have others to start ahead of you. I love your June Prairie Schooler! Great job.

  2. Your PS sampler is looking lovely, I get what you''re saying about pieces taking longer to stitch than they should.

    Your June pillow is lovely

  3. PS looks great Monica. I love this piece and know what you mean about one dragging on...especially when we have our sights on another start.

    I'm glad you found the GF sauce for your DD to enjoy her Chinese food. My youngest son has a bad peanut allergy so I have to be careful here.

    Here's hoping your weekend goes a bit slower and is more relaxing for you than your week was.