Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Must Be Nuts...40 Count Over 1

I really must be NUTS.  I decided to do this Chessie and Me on 40 count.  I should have looked at the pattern closer.  That urn I'm working on is done over one.  I'm just doing a half X rather than the full X. The stars were really crazy.  They are Smyna crosses over two threads.  
 It is very tight and don't even try and rip them out!  Next to impossible. 
I have instead decided to turn to flowers for the next section of the blog.  
 I have two peony bushes and one is going like great guns.  The other is in desperate need of some TLC.  I cut a few blooms to bring in.  They are FABULOUS!  I LOVE peonies!
                                    It is criminal that they last for such a short period of time.
 I do believe there is nothing so beautiful.  
 Another picture of one of my wild roses.  
 I have shown this area of my yard lots dressed for winter.  I think it is much prettier now.  
 The whole enchilada
 I was able to catch a few pictures with bees in the flowers.  
 In the morning, these bushes just buzz from the bees.  
 The first Stella D'Oro Daylilly bathed in dew.  
 My patio pots.  They are starting to go.

I got my latest installment of the Ladies Prim Society.  It is a Threadworks Primitives:
Victory Garden Pinkeep 
These are packaged so adorably from Dyeing to Stitch

  Those little touches are just so cool!
 There are two different color fabric pieces to stitch on.  The backing fabric is so cute.  Then
there is a small piece of green ric-rac.  I am telling you this is too cute to be true!
The problem is I have way too much to do and way too little time.  It is hard to take time off work when one of your co-workers doesn't work a full week the entire know she just deserves to take time off.....SNARF...just crabby, I guess.

Hope you are going to have a great weekend.  I do wish to get some stitching time in.  There is an art show we are planning on going to on Saturday.  The weekends go by so fast.

Thanks for the great comments.  I really do love those.
Keep on Stitching
P.S. please pardon any typos and grammatical errors.  I am too tired to proof read.  :)


  1. Wow ~ over one on 40 ~ yikes! But it is going to be such a great piece! Beautiful flowers ~ I wish so many of the spring flowers would last a tad bit longer. I haven't touched any of my kits yet from this club ~ they are packaged with the cutest touches, aren't they?

  2. Love the stitching! I have a wild rose just like that one. Does your rose get rose hips in the Fall? Mine is called a Virginia Wild Rose and little baby rose bushes are popping up all over the place from that main root!

  3. Hope today goes better for you - and then it's the weekend!

  4. I'm going to look into the kit thing you belong to. I love the kit you got this month for sure.
    Beautiful flowers.