Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rhubarb Mania

My rhubarb has not produced well this year.  I think I have more than lamented about that.  I got a huge bag from my Aunt Helen.  I have made two pies, a batch of Rhubarb Strawberry jam and froze 6 cups of chopped rhubarb.  I chopped 20 cups today.  My sister is visiting from Florida and she loves rhubarb pie so, she got one.  I must say I do cheat.  I usually buy the Pillsbury crusts.  When my mother and my aunt ask, I always tell them "of course its homemade."  What they don't know....They can't get over how good my crust is.  My aunt makes major amounts of apple pies in the fall.  I think the record was 70.  Then she freezes them.

The jam recipe can be found HERE.  There ought to be a law against how easy this is.  You chop up 7-8 cups of rhubarb one inch pieces.  This is how mine looked after I let is sit for an hour and a half.
 Once it was cooked.  It is really tasty!
 Getting it into the containers.  I am telling you, it is way too easy!
 It made 8 cups of jam, or so.  I have 1 cup ziploc containers and stuck it in the freezer.  I anticipate it will be gone in now time.  I may have to freeze more rhubarb and make some more at Christmas time.
I made Katy a gluten free Rhubarb pie.  The crust really was quite easy.  I could mix it in my Kitchen Aide which really did make it easy.  I doubled the crust recipe to make a two crust pie.  It has the GF flour, two eggs 12 tbsp butter, lemon juice, sugar and salt.  I kind of was using two recipes.  I refrigerated it for a couple of hours but, I don't think I need to do that.  I think it actually would have been better had I not done that.  

You roll the crust between wax paper.  The crust is a little delicate.  It cracked around the edge while rolling it.   
 It was also a little fragile when moving the crust.  We had a little glitch putting the top on.  I should have folded it on itsself and I don't think I would have had that problem.  It really did turn out pretty good.  It is tasty enough that I will make this crust as long as Katy is home.  It is just a tad gritty but, very tasty and flaky.  After I had baked it for a while, I covered the edges with aluminum foil so it wouldn't burn around the edge.
Lastest Garden Update:  
My wild roses are starting to bloom.  I love these roses.  Once they start really blooming they are a riot!  I have been out watering and people walking always comment and want to know what they are.  They are also very aromatic.  After a while that get a  rather large green bug, not an aphid....more beatley-looking (if that is a word.)  There are a lot and are into bug-lovin'.  Sometimes I spray them, not so much anymore because they really don't do that much damage.  

 This isn't a very good picture.  If course I'm not sure what they are.  I really do love blue flowers.  I use to have some delphinium but, they have died off.  At the other end of the bed is another blue flower I think is Campanula
 My peonies in the front of the house are about readdy.  I think that you just can't have enough flowers.  I wish I had room for more but, the husband doesn't want beds in the middle of the yard.  I personally think that looks very cool.

Finally, I have a picture of the latest project:  Grande Olde Flag Sampler by Chessie and Me.  I nearly have the house done.  I'm doing it on 40 count.  I swapped out the Belle Soie and Gloriana silks for overdyes.  I think it will turn out quite well.  I am using Weeks Aztec Red, Cognac, Charcoal, Guacamole, Moss, Navy and Whitewash and GAST Cornflower and Soot.  It seems to be a good match.
Thank you so much for the fun and wonderful comments.  I just love getting them.
Hope you had an awesome weekend.  I certainly did but, as always, it was way too short.  I walk into Monday saying, "I could have used another day."  I could have a seven day weekend and it would still be too short.

Very busy week ahead.  I'm wishing my life away and looking forward to next weekend.
Thanks for stopping.
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