Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just Not Moving That Fast

It's coming, it's coming but, just not fast enough.  Are there more stitches in this one than usual???  I got some of the brown border done last night at stitching group.  Speaking of the stitching group....Patty was talking about a group in town.  Now mind you the population of Iron Mountain/Kingsford is less than 20,000 maybe somewhere between 10.000-15,000 (I don't know, I could look it up but, I'm lazy). There is a group of people that get together and bring in small musical groups.  I guess the 18th century French would have called it a "Salon".  Patty's son is friends with a kid whose parents are involved in this group.  I said I have heard of this group from our neighbors who are in this group.  Their daughter is a singer in a Bluegrass group (they are really good) who was at the last "salon".  (Did you follow all that?)  I said there are all kinds of little groups around town you never hear about...I know of a film group that meet at a bar on Mondays when its closed, a political science group, and lots of book clubs.  You just have to know people.  And then I said, "We are a group that people find intriguing."  And Arttie said her boss was fascinated by our group and wanted to know what the topic would be last night.  Who knows, nothing is planned.  
 I am chomping at the bit to start some new projects.  Here is what is in the hopper.  I have the thread and fabric all ready to go...
 This is done in Gloriana Silk but, I think I'm going to convert it to some overdyes.  I'm not sure what ones yet.  I think I will also do it on 40 count so it fits in a 5x7 picture frame.
I did not get any stitching done yet today.  I want and so does Katy, her to see a Pain Clinic doctor.  She is in pain all the time with her Ehlers-Danlos and needs a way to better manage the pain.  We found a physician in Milwaukee at a multidisciplinary program that has experience in treating Ehlers-Danlos people but, (here is the caveat) she needed to be referred by a physician in the system.  (Oh brother, I'm sure to rule out the inappropriate people?)  So were drove 3 1/2 hours one way to see my old doctor.  We can now say we have a referral from a system physician.  We did take a little time and shop at H&M and Trader Joe's (love their hummus and cheap wine!)  Today, I brought home guacamole hummus and blue chips, and GF flour.

That's all.  I need to stitch!
Hope you have had a great week!  Looking forward to the weekend!  Oi, I have a 7:45 client tomorrow morning, ick I wish it was 9 instead.

Keeps on Stitching


  1. DH just walked past and caught the title of your page out of the corner of his eye. His comment...'hopeless stitcher, really?' LOL, not to worry, I set him straight!

  2. Ohhh love your PS piece! It's really close to being a finish. Hope you have your dancing shoes ready.
    Your next couple designs are awesome! Love all things patriotic.
    Have a wonderful weekend.