Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yet Another 6 to 9 Inches Predicted

We have another winter storm warning which I think is worse than a watch.  A good indication is that the alert box is red and not orange.  The snow is suppose to start around 1 am.  That should make going to work tomorrow another experience.  

All the hand stitching is now done on Strawberry Hill.  Here is the top of the box.  Everything has been pressed and is now ready to be finished.  I will eventually get to it.  I may have to experiment with paint colors before I pick something.  I may try pink because then I will Briwax over it.  
This is the pin keep
 Finally, the Huswife.  The curve in the fabric is from yours truly not being able to cut a straight line.  
 I am nearly done with Eden's Lament and it has been very fun.  I just have the finish the upper left quadrant and then on to the words.  I could finish it tonight.  Then I think I will move on to the second LHN Virtues.
 We still have a lot of ice on the driveway.  Bob has probably put 10# of salt to try and speed up the melt but, it is really thick.  He has been gradually chipping away at it.  It will make for troublesome blowing tomorrow if we get that much snow.
 Eventually, I know it will go away.  Heavy sigh!
Ed went back to college today.  Katy will be home on Friday.  We are really looking forward to seeing her.  I think Ed will come for a day or two when she is home.  He really isn't too far.  Sent him back with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

 Last night I roasted carrots and parsnips for dinner.  If you haven't tried this you really should.

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips
Peel Carrots and Parsnips. (for the 3 of use I used 5 medium carrots and 3 medium parsnips)
Cut into 2 inch chunks on a diagonal to make them look pretty.  If they are thick then slice them in half
Coat with olive oil, salt and pepper
Place on baking sheet, one layer
Bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes or until done.  (fork tender)

Even Ed ate the parsnips.  They are like a very mild carrot.  Everything tastes better than if you boil them.  I may cook carrots this way all the time.  It is incredibly easy.

Hope you have had a great stitching weekend.  Hope the weather has been good where you are.
Thanks for stopping and the great comments.  It makes it special to hear from you.
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  1. Oh dear, another storm. You make our forecast of a rainy week bearable! Your finishes are beautiful!! I look forward to seeing how you finish them.

  2. Aw yuck, more snow? Pretty soon we'll be complaining about the heat, huh?
    Lovely stitching!
    The carrots and parsnips sound good. I might have to try that.

  3. Strawberry Hill is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it finished. Eden's lament is looking lovely, great progress