Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Can Say Thaw for Now

For the time being, we can say thaw.  It really has been a beautiful day.  The sun has been shining and right now the temperature is 46.  It will be sometime before the snow all melts.  We have about  two feet in the backyard.  Where Bob clears paths for Buster, there are patches of grass showing.  Yea!  Grass!!!  Never fear, Winter isn't over yet.  By Sunday, snow and Monday a high of 29.  It just won't give up.  

I have been multi-tasking.  I have been working on April from Prairie Schooler Spring and Fall.  I changed the color of the rabbits.  I thought the original color 3781 was a little too dark so I changed it to 3862.  
 Then there is Christmas at Holly Berry Farm.  The house is really taking shape.  It seems wrong to be working on Christmas things.  I may diddle on this for a while in drips and draps.  It is a large piece.  (When I saw this post on my blog reader this pic was missing...agh!)

I hope you don't think this is too macabre (it really isn't).  Tuesday was my great-aunt's funeral.  She was 103 years old.  We had celebrated that birthday on February 2.  She had been living in a nursing home and really was pretty sharp up until the last year.  She was a pistol!  She did have some great stories:  stills, skimmerettes and snake skins.  That may have to be a post of its own.  I do digress.  Anyway, one of her nieces had ordered a blanket of roses for on top of the casket.  Apparently, this is done in bigger cities.  The number of roses for the years the departed had been alive.  One hundred and three may have been too much.  The purpose then is to have everyone, on the out take a roses as a remembrance.  It was a relatively small funeral since her contemporaries preceded her in death.  My cousin encouraged us to take more.  These roses are absolutely gorgeous and opening beautifully.  I have been enjoying them.  
 They are really lovely.  Still have the Valentine smalls out because I don't have anything spring yet.  I do need to work on more.  I have picked up some springy backing fabric.  My needle just can't move fast enough.
It has been a busy day including a sock emergency.  Patty from my stitching group is learning how to knit socks and was having just a little difficulty decoding the instructions.  Some of these sock designers just make it too complicated.  Got her through it and she will be fine.  Those double pointed needles can be buggers until you get the hang of them.  Had a little problem with some stitches falling off the end of a needle.  Recovered it nicely.

Hope it is spring where you are and it stays around here for a while.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Nice rabbit stitch! A great way to remember a life well lived!

  2. I think your needles are flying - your roses are a gorgeous colour and I love knitting - just as long someone is sitting nearby to fix my mistakes :)

  3. Great stitches!! What a wonderful remembrance ~ imagine all your great~aunt saw in her lifetime...