Thursday, March 7, 2013

Edens Lament

I finished my Strawberry Hill.  I'm going to iron it this weekend so watch for the post.  I am ready for spring.  We had more snow flurries the last few days.  The good thing is that it really hasn't been sticking.    
I want to stitch some springy stuff.  I got this kit at the Stitching Bee stitching retreat this past fall.  It is Edens Lament.  I think the flowers and the colors are very springy.
I have a good start.  I just love the colors.  I always love their designs.  They are usually so dainty.  

The wording around the border is "A girl, A snake. A rosy bite, A boy, A leaf, A hasty flight."  I have another  little pin keep:  A Flock.  The colors are similar....and there are sheep.  

 I got in the mail today my second LHN Virtue
Some of the colors are the same as the first one.  I love continuity!
 More sheep.  I just love the sheep.
Had the Stitching group over last night and made a Rum Cake.  Rum Cake is amazing!  It was a hit!
Thanks for stopping and the wonderful comments. I really enjoy hearing from you.
Keep on Stitching


  1. Great projects and ooohhhhh......rum cake!!

  2. Edens Lament is such a pretty design.
    Will be looking for your finish this weekend.
    Did somebody say Rum Cake??

  3. Lovely spring stitches! I agree, the colors do look like spring!