Thursday, March 14, 2013

Did Anyone Say Pi?

Welcome new Followers!  I'm so pleased and excited you have joined me!

Now, I would have used the symbol in my title for Pi but, I have no idea how I would have done it.  
In honor of International Pi Day, I made a Pistachio Pie for Bob.  He already had a piece for lunch. 

 I have really been going to town on LHN Virtues Love.  I just have a little border left to do and then sew on the button.  I think I will be starting on Stacy Nash Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.  Katy got that for me for Christmas and I want to get a start on it.

 I may start multi-tasking too....I am still working on Katy's sweater.  I can't knit much more than a half hour a day or so.  Trying to protect finger joints.  I have  Prairie Schooler Books 90 and 91 Spring Fall and Summer Winter.  They are smalls that sort of go along with the Months.  I was looking around Ebay again and saw them there but, hey those aren't OOP so why not order from 123 stitch and not have to battle a auction.  Just an observation... a lot of times what you see on Ebay can still be ordered.  I only try for the OOP ones.
 Buster had a spa day today.  She had to trim his beard and 'stach close because of something sticky in there....eye boogers?
I am trying a new recipe tonight for Baked Barley.  One of my clients was telling me about it and it sounded good.  I found a recipe on All Recipes.  If I like it and it turns out good, I will post it on the next blog.

Super excited!  Katy is coming home for Spring Break tomorrow.  Ed was home last week.  I think he may come home for a weekend just don't know which one.

I don't know if you saw this on FB but  CHECK IT OUT.  Hurry, it won't last long.  Don't exactly understand how it works but, hopefully I did it right.

Thanks for stopping and all the wonderful comments.  We may be getting more snow (can it be possible).  Temperatures are about 10 degrees below normal and the night time lows are around 0.  It was 0 at 7 am today....UGH!!!!  We are all tired of winter.  The only good thing is maybe it will raise the water tables.

Keep on Stitching.  And enjoy some Pi


  1. Hi Monica. Love your needlework. I really like the colors in it. You're doing a fantastic job. Enjoy those kids while they're visiting. I love it when my older son from NH comes down. You enjoy the rest of the week girl.
    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  2. Yummy looking pie, pretty stitching , a cute dog, and horrid temps!!

  3. Great stitching, and yummy pie! Love your doggy in the sweater...too cute!

    I understand about theknitting...I'm finding it much easier to cross stitch than knit or crochet (both of which I used to do LOTS!)