Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christmas at Hollyberry Farm Update

Not a very picture intensive blog today.  Not too much to report.  I was so excited after the stash enhancement that this post sort of palls to it.  I have been chugging along.  I did start a Prairie Schooler on Wednesday at Stitching Group.  This fabric is dark and sometimes hard to work on when I'm not in my chair.  Lots of blocks of color.  

We have had a pretty exciting weekend.  We went and saw Ed yesterday and had dinner with him. Since their breaks didn't overlap, it was the only opportunity they had to see each other...Ed and Katy that is.  

We were able to stop at one of  Katy's favorite bead store.  She picked up some very cute things.  I  bought some charms to use on stitching projects.  She does have a commission.  She is working on an Etsy shop but, college does get in the way.  She will be home this summer so hopefully, she will get it up and running.    I did get some beads to make a Kumihimo bracelet in summer colors:  red, orange and yellow.  

We also stopped at Michael's and I found some round boxes in various sizes.  One should fit the BBD Beehive pattern.  Amanda at Samplers Silks and Linens had heard they boxes in the pattern are around $100.  Ouch!  I think I can make the ones from Michael's work.  The boxes in the pattern are gorgeous, handmade shaker boxes.  I'm sure they are worth every penny but...I have to really think that one over.  Who knows, it could be a birthday gift to myself.  

Katy went back to school.  The homestead is kind of quiet today.  Probably is a good thing since I'm exhausted from all the recent activity.  Got some of the essential chores done but, the cleaning will just have to wait until Thursday.  The dust isn't going anywhere.  

Hope you have a restful, stitchy weekend.  Thanks for stopping.  
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  1. Here is the link for the price of the box in the Attic Needlework letter which is actually being retailed for $150!

  2. Looks like good start and sounds like a fun weekend!