Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Has Been Too Long

This winter just seems to be dragging.  I had decided on Monday that we needed a quick little get-a-way.  It couldn't be too far and having something other than winter sports.  I decided we were going to go to Milwaukee.  It is less than 4 hours away.  Takes a tank of gas to get there.  There are museums.  And, I have college friends there.  It sounded like a good place to go.  I booked a night at the Pfister Hotel.  I will have a separate post about that in a day or so.  The Milwaukee Public Museum has always been a favorite of ours.  There is also a special exhibit right now and I ordered tickets for that which also included the general admission.  National Geographics Real Pirates was there.  Here is some information about that since you couldn't take pictures in there.  We got there about two hours before our time to go into it.  

We walked around until then.  I should have taken this picture a little different.  It is the skeleton of a whale.  
 One of my all time favorites is The Streets of Old Milwaukee.  It is a slice of life at the turn of the century Milwaukee.  There are familar Milwaukee names and landmarks.  Things have changed a little over the years.  There use to be a telephone booth that you could listen in on a party call.
 The old lady is rocking and listening to the Victrola.
 You always have to look up.  You can climb the stairs and look into the windows.  It really appeals to the Voyeur in me.
 Mader's is still a Milwaukee landmark and known for their amazing German Cuisine.
 Not a great couple of pictures but, my little camera is only so good.
 Had to take a picture of a sampler.  I doubt it is authentic but, one never knows.
 The apothecary is full of thinks and just amazing.
When you leave the Streets of Old Milwaukee, you transition into the European Village.  There are rooms from thirty different European countries that represent the different cultures that make up Milwaukee.
 I had to take a picture of the beautiful needle work in this cabin.  Unfortunately I can't remember which country.
 Much of the museum is made up of dioramas from the history of Milwaukee.  Early frontier days of Solomon Juneau's trading post, one of the first in the beginning.

This exhibit use to do more when I was a kid.  Everyone was looking for the button that would make the rattlesnake rattle but, alas, I believe it is just wore out.  It is still amazing.

 Just being goofy at the dinosaur area.  We are a constant source of embarrassment to our children.

 I can't be left undone.
There was Samson.  I overhead some young parents tell their children, "Oh look at the gorilla."
I said,,"That's no gorilla.  That's Samson."  He was a huge draw at the Milwaukee County Zoo during the 1960's until his death in 1981.  There is more about Samson.  One of the volunteers overhead me and added to the conversation.  I think the family thought we were nuts.  It was fun!
Real Pirates was interesting.  There were actors re-enacting rolls but, I thought it would be more.  Maybe they are just getting bored.  

Like I said.  Another post will be following regarding the Pfister Hotel.  I think it is a very cool historic hotel.  
Didn't get too much stitching done but, had a really fun weekend.  

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  1. This has been a very interesting post. We were in Milwaukee last May for a Memorial but it looks like we missed some very interesting things!

  2. TFS your adventures! Love museums like that!

  3. Sounds like you had a great trip