Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl.....Blech

Football really doesn't do anything for me.  I would maybe watch the game if the Packers were playing.  I especially am not interested in all the pregame hype.  Instead I printed up some Valentine Freebies.  
The first one is from Stitches from the Bee.  

The second one is from  Crocettando fra le pesti
 This one is from Plum Street Samplers Here

 I have the fabric cut to make these sweet little smalls.

I  really haven't had a lot of time to stitch this weekend.  I did re-start the sweater.  I need to do a few more rows and then I will check to see if the width is the right size.  I have found I can't knit for much more than an hour a day otherwise my fingers get sore.

Yesterday was a very busy and didn't allow much time to stitch.  My husband is president of Parish
Council and yesterday was the  Winter Carnival for the little kids.  He was in charge of it.  I made three pounds of Sloppy Joe for Fr. Joe.  He puts a spoonful on a hot dog and then some of the nacho cheese sauce.  Everyone follows suit with his encouragement.  When Bob got there Saturday morning he expected to see several dozen cupcakes for the cake walk however, there was only about two dozen.  He was going to the grocery store for hot dogs so I had him pick up some cake mixes and I made four dozen cupcakes.  A few more people brought in cupcakes so he was okay.

I then cleaned the house.  After that I had to go pick up my mom and stop at the florist on our way to the nursing home where my great aunt is.  It was her 103rd birthday so we had a little party with her, my aunt and one of my cousins.

Finally, we had a party at our next door neighbors.  We were home by 10 but, I have pretty much been a couch potato all day.  I have done a little knitting, laundry and worked on the border of the PS January.

I dont' know about where you live but, the oranges this year have been the best I think I have ever had.  

Thanks for stopping and for all the great comments.  I'm so glad you take the time to stop and visit.  Hope you have had a great weekend.

Keep on Stitching


  1. Such cute Valentine smalls. Plus I do love your PS January. Good for you making those cup cakes at last minute. You deserve a day of rest!

  2. You have been a busy bee! You really came to the rescue with those cupcakes....{hugs} for you.
    WOW...103??? That's awesome!
    I must eat two oranges a day, on average. I love them but it's always a gamble when I buy a whole bag of them. Sometimes they are top notch and sometimes not. Right now I'm eating several a day because I forgot I already had a bag and bought another!

  3. Great freebie choices! Love fresh oranges!!

  4. I printed out the same freebies. Didn't start yet, hopefully this weekend. I found another great freebie on the Createand Decorate magazine site. I signed up to get their emails. If you get a chance check it out.