Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm in the Home Stretch

I have been diligently working on the Huswif from Strawberry Hill but...isn't there always a but?  I have been pooped.  Consequently, I work for ten minutes and fall asleep.  
These are the previous parts to the set.  This will go on the cover of the box.
 This is the  pinkeep.  
 I will be starting on the motif that is common on all the pieces.  It is pretty the same on top as the pinkeep.

 I was noodling around on Ebay, again.  How many times do I have to say I love Prairie Schooler.  I found this on Ebay.  It is pattern no. 11.  I have never seen this one.  I really didn't think I would win it.  I only set my maximum bid at $8.00 and got it for $7.01.  It is in very good shape.  I really like the colors.  They are kind of muted.  The fabric called for is Linaida... I have never heard of that one.  When I do this, it most likely will be on linen anyway.  Once I started working on linen, I have never gone back.
 I think you get a better idea.  I haven't been too impressed with her latest patterns.  They just seem so stark and severe.
I am anxiously waiting for the new Homespun Elegance patterns to come out.  I plan on getting Scenes of Spring.  I have done Scenes of Autumn.  I need to get Scenes of Summer.  They will fit in the same frame and I can then interchange them for the season.  They are quick, fun stitches.  The Nashville Market is this weekend (I think) so things will be available.  I am anxious to get the next installment of the LHN Virtues.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I hope to get some serious stitching done.  Kids start coming home for spring break.  Ed will be home tomorrow.  Katy will be home in two weeks.  It will be good to see them.  I have been stocking up on everyone's favorite foods.  Since Katy is gluten intolerant, I have picked up GF flour to bake with.  Monday they turn 20.  Where has the time gone?

Thank you for the wonderful comments.  I'm glad you enjoyed my Milwaukee pictures.  Who thought Milwaukee could be so exciting.  Compared to the U.P., it is New!  Thanks for stopping.

Keep on Stitching


  1. Hey Monica, congrats on scoring your PS, Ebay prices have tanked for the most part on PS charts, you got a good deal. Before I switched to linen (CharlesCraft) Linaida was my fave, was sold only thru LNS, 50% linen/50% aida, came in 14 ct mushroom shade, very soft/drapey, just a hint of sheen, discontinued about 10 yrs ago. If you like 14 ct I'd be happy to send you a piece to try, but it certainly won't look like linen, holler if you're interested.

  2. Great projects. I like the idea of changing the stitches using the same frame. I do that with several. Sounds like you have some good times coming!

  3. Your stitches on Strawberry Hill are superb! That's one of my favorite charts by Country Stitches though I haven't started mine yet... lol! Love the Sunshine and Shadow pattern you purchased! Just went to eBay and found me one! lol! I always like designs with houses... and the quilt designs in the corner are lovely... happy stitching to you!

  4. Beautiful stitching!

    I love PS designs too...esp the older ones. The current new releases don't excite me.

  5. I'm pulling the same trick. I've caught a cold which is wearing me down. Every time I sit with my stitching in hand, I cross a few Xs and then fall asleep with needle in hand!
    I love your current WIP. Very nice! You got a good deal with your PS chart since that is definitely one of the older ones. They are the most difficult to find.