Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Inches More, Two Inches More

Every day it seems like we get two or three inches more snow.  Enough to have to deal with and enough to make the roads slick.  I shouldn't complain after hearing what is bearing down on the Northeast.  Twenty seven inches of snow.  Ouch!  Blizzard conditions...double Ouch!!  I will say some prayers.  
In the meantime, we keep getting some everyday.  This has been the snowiest winter we have had in a while.  The snow blower is fixed and Bob is just cleaning up the edges.  He really isn't too thrilled about all this snow.  Buck up bud at least its only 2-3 inches a day and not an hour.  
 Look at those swanky boots.  I think he ussualy wears these for duck hunting.
 This is the picture of a man who is so totally thrilled to be outside doing this.  It is snowing lightly again.
January is finished.  I will probably just throw it the pile for mounting especially since now it is February.  I did iron it today so there are no winkles.  Usually everything I photograph is so wrinkly.  
 I just love the joy that's conveyed by the little sledders and their dogs.
I started on the Plum Street Samplers freebie.  It isn't a very good picture.  I'm doing it in 40 count fabric with one thread.  

 I am going to the Stitching Bee this weekend.  I had Kendra order somethings for me so, I hope they are in. I have a list of thread.  I just went through the stash to see what I already have.  I will hopefully have some stash pics on Sunday.  Hooray for stash.

I did get good news today.  The body shop had called late last week to let me know that the parts were on back order.  They didn't expect to get them until the 14th.  They called today to let me know they got the parts today and would start working on my car tomorrow.  Hooray, it could be done by tuesday.  I figure after that, the weather will warm up, the snow will stop and I won't need my heated seats and 4 wheel drive.

I keep joining more blogs.  I will probably have some many blog feeds a day I'll never get through them all.

Welcome new members.  I am nearly at 100 followers.  I love hearing from you all and thanks for taking the time to comment.  It really means a lot to me.


  1. Oh my! Yes, I know it's Winter but I don't care for all that snow. Your poor hubby!
    Wonderful good news about your car! I will never own a car without heated seats. My buns have been spoiled!
    January is such a fun piece. You stitched it beautifully!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. My boys are waiting for a good snow day! I, on the other hand, am glad we are at the southern edge of this coming storm!!
    Love your PS piece ~ a beautiful finish!

  3. I do love your PS finish. I agree it is one of the cutest. I hope you stay safe
    and keep getting just a few inches of snow!

  4. I do love your January piece. It makes the month of January look fun.

  5. It's just the same here - we go out a couple of times every day to shovel snow, it's like a never-ending task, lol. But when it's only shoveling, it's OK. Having to drive in it is quite a different thing.
    A great Prairie Schooler finish!

  6. Hi Monica...I just became your newest follower! I enjoyed looking at the last several days...and your stitching!
    I can so relate about the inch or so of snow daily... we had that happening a lot last month...this month so far, so's starting to melt!

  7. Love your PS finish! I've had this one in my stash for some time now but still haven't got around to stitching it. Something else always comes up that I want to do first.
    We got hit with another 12 inches of snow last weekend. Fortunately it warmed up for a few days since and a lot has melted.