Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Stay at the Pfister

We stayed at the Pfister Hotel.  It was built in 1893 and is absolutely gorgeous. The main marble throughout the hotel is a red cream colored veining.  It is the bathroom vanity, edging cream colored marble, pillars and the grand staircases.  
Our room was quite comfortable.  The beds were very comfortable.  Bob was a little worried about staying here.  You see, The Pfister is allegedly haunted.  When the Milwaukee Brewer's book a hotel for their opponents, they book The Pfister for that reason.  Several times players have been found sleeping on the lobby sofas.  We had no spectral visitors.  Bob was safe.  Check out about the haunting Here
Just another view.  I always do that.  

Our window was overlooking Lake Michigan.  

I should have gotten closer so you wouldn't see the window panes.  
This is the old Wisconsin Gas Company Building.  The flame is lit every night.  The color indicates the weather.  Later that night it was blue which means good weather. It was a beautiful night to walk.
This is the front lobby.  The ceiling has a fantastic mural.  
You can get a better view of the cherubs.  I just love old buildings. 
There is a grand gallery.  The artwork is all original oil paintings from the time it was built.  

Bob figures this one would look good in his future hunting camp.  
I just loved this one.  
The cases contained historic items from the early days of The Pfister.  

China and silver from the opening.  

From the grand gallery, you can see the Lobby Lounge fireplace.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry.  
A very handsome lion at the bottom of the red marble grand staircase.  Wouldn't you love this in a garden?
We had cocktails with college friends in the Lobby Lounge.  There had been a pianist playing at the grand piano.  We watched all kinds of people walking in that night.  It was very interesting since the  clothing was definately out of the ordinary.  One women had frizzy blond hair and was wearing black and white striped pants, a white tuxedo tails coat and a white top hat.  As we were walking out to go to dinner, there were people dressed similarly standing by the elevator doors directing people.  I asked one young lady, what was going on?  She informed me it was the Glam Rock Ball.  The Glam Rock Ball was the fundraiser for the Milwaukee Ballet.  The tickets were $350 a head.  We really should have sneaked a peek.  I betcha she was a ballerina.  
Later when we had a night cap in the same area, a young couple sat on the sofa across from us.  They were dressed nicely and the woman was wearing a white veil.  Jan and Micky tried to get me to ask what was going on.  I already had found out about the Glam Rock Ball, so Jan asked.  They were going to get married in August but, when they found out the bride's mother would not possibly going to be alive in August, they got married that day.  It was a small, intimate wedding for immediate family.  They were spending their wedding night at The Pfister.  They had been upgraded to the Presidential Suite.  They were still going to have a reception in August.

We live in a small town where honestly the sidewalks roll up at 8 pm.  It was so much fun to be someplace where things are just starting to happen at 10 pm.  There really always is a story when you are in the city.  Lots of the platform shoes and skinny jeans.

I promise the next post will be stitchy.  We really did enjoy our stay there.
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  1. What a fabulous time!! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. I love haunted stories ~ but am not sure about staying in a haunted place!��

  2. Another very interesting post! What a pretty hotel and all those interesting things going on.

  3. I have really enjoyed your trip ti Milwaukee!! :-) Thanks for sharing and great pictures!

  4. Great pictures of Milwaukee! I am from WI, but have never been to the hotel.