Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day One and All!  I got my lovely smalls done!!!  I had one more in the hopper but, I didn't exactly get it done....may be next year.  They were all freebies:  Plum Street Sampler,  Stitches from the Bee and Twisted Threads from the Weeks Dye Works site.  I first two on 40 count fabric and the small heart on 35 count fabric.  
 I decided to change a few things on the Plum Street Sampler.  I really didn't care for the stocking finish.  I don't know about you but, stockings say Christmas to me.  I changed the year to the year we got married and moved both sets of initials on one side.   If you do your math, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this July.  
I wanted to finish this one a little different.  I love this fabric I used on all three.  It is reproduction Civil War from Jerri's Quilt Patch.  I had some hand-dyed ric rac left from something, so I used that to pretty it up some more.  I had a little trouble at first with this one, sewed the fabric along the top edge of the stitching....whoops!  Took a few minutes to rip it out.  
Did this in the graphed thread.  I had some hand dyed chenille from the same whats-it as the ric rac.  I edged it which helped to even out the rough spots from sewing.  I wanted to show the background fabric in the lower corner.  I think it worked pretty well.
 Finally, it is on display on the little antique plant stand saved from the In-laws move.  It fits perfectly in a spot next to the TV armoire and I can display things on it.  The little Longerberger basket works well because the sides aren't too high.  
My sweetie and I didn't do too much for Valentine's day.  Since I don't work on Thursdays, I did get up and make him a terrific breakfast:  Scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese and homemade blueberry muffins, with fresh blueberries.  While I was vacuuming and moving furniture, my stitching light came apart from the base.  The plastic piece that the base screwed into cracked.  Unfortunately, it couldn't be fixed.  So, after dinner we went to Shopko and got a new light.   My sweetie put it together for me. Now I'm back in business.  Can't be without the light, wouldn't be able to see those little holes between the fabric threads.

Welcome new followers and a big thank you to my followers for stopping by.  I do appreciate the comments!


  1. You will have all those wonderful Valentine smalls for next year!

  2. Monica, your little basket with the Valentine pillows looks gorgeous. Love all your finishings, also the changes you made on the PSS stocking.

  3. Love your valentines and your changes to the stocking!

  4. Love your Valentine finishes! I like your idea of stitching your year of marriage on the PSS freebie. I just may have to steal that from you! I also stitched a PSS freebie but is was from an earlier year and I've yet to do the final finishing on it. The fabric you used on yours if perfect!