Sunday, January 6, 2019

Waiting for Snow

We are suppose to have a big snow storm starting tonight to tomorrow,
It was gorgeous Friday and Saturday.
Sunny and highs in the 40"s
Four to eight inches of snow are predicted tonight to tomorrow morning then changing to rain in the afternoon.  
Talk about a mess!
I posted this picture, the top of the BBD Merry Christmas.  
I finished the section that goes around.
The colors are wonderful!
I tried to get a close up section.
You think I could get this to turn to the right orientation.  
I have tried and it just won't turn....the bugger!
Started the next BBD Christmas Bells are Ringing.
The colors are the same as this one.  
It really isn't very Christmas-y looking
I have only the very beginning of the border done and it took some doing but, I got it to finally meet.

Was ready to kick the dear husband in the butt.  
We have a family\ wedding to go to in February.  
I am short and fat.
I don't look good in a dress since I have such bad legs, like my dad's, varicose veins, spider veins, it looks like a flippin atlas :(
I bough a pair of palazzo pants a while ago.  
The last wedding we went too two years ago, they didn't fit.
Since then I have lost weight (hooray for me a whole size) so now they fit  
I got a top from an online site called North Style.  
I have bought clothes from them before and found a nice flowey top that is also chiffon.
I think it looks pretty good together.  
Do you think I got a "Thats nice" from the husband?'
I got, "I really don't know much about that stuff."  
My daughter assures me I look good and put together.  
I think I should  fine, I'm h hoping he just doesn't understand the pants are perfectly acceptable.  

We took the Christmas decorations all down.
I'm always so sad when we take them down.  
It is really a passing of time.  

Hope your weekend was pleasant and productive.  
Have a wonderful week.
Keep on Stitching.


  1. Love this BB piece, one of their best!
    Still waiting patiently for my Bells are Ringing & fabric.
    I bet your outfit is pretty, guys don't really notice stuff like that. LOL
    I don't like dresses either. :)
    I also took the Christmas decor down on New Years Day.
    It was up a month, so long enough.
    We are expecting the same storm here in WI.
    It's raining right now.
    As long as we have the fixins' for Chili or Sloppy Joe's, we're good!
    Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations on the BBD piece finish! Your outfit will be fine and I bet you look lovely in it. Well done on losing weight! Be safe with that incoming storm! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Love both and your`s is beautiful. I was wondering where you got your pattern for Christmas bells. Happy Stitching.

  4. Love the BBD things. My DH has a favorite answer to almost any question"not bad" !! I always say exactly what does that mean!!!

  5. enjoying your progress on this piece monica, very nice:)

  6. Look forward to see your finishing on Merry Christmas. Did you have enough of the tarnished gold floss? I think I am going to run out.

  7. Men--sometimes I think I could wear a paper sack and my husband would not notice. Am glad to know I am not the only person who feels sad when Christmas is put away--yes it is a passage of time.