Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just a Bit Catawampus

I finished LHN Lady Liberty.
All I have to do is sew up the end but, I wanted to blog about it.  
Pictures are a little shadowy...sorry about that
I used some of the antique buttons I got earlier this year.  
Backed them with a little felt.  
When i sewed it together, my fabric got a little catawampus 
I am not claiming to be an expert finisher by any stretch of the imagination.  
The pattern called for DMC and Classic Colorworks
The only Classic colorworks I had was Blacksmith Blue.
I used some of the new floss from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.
In order from the blue:  Dried Cinnamon, Faded Sampler Red (med), Custard Pudding, Dried Clover and Golden Chestnut.  
I still used DMC ecru and 950 for the little lady's skin.   
I must say Nancy's floss is very nice to work with!
Just a short post.
Hope your week has been good.
Mine has been very busy with family in from out of town and a few late nights
I did take a two hour nap this afternoon.  
I was just pooped. 

Have a wonderful weekend and a spectacular fourth.
Keep on Stitching. 


  1. The pillow looks good to me. I have been struggling a bit with finishing myself. That is definitely not my favorite part of stitching.

  2. I like your Lady Liberty pillow and I really like your thread color changes.

  3. Cute finish.
    Have a great 4th weekend!

  4. Great stitching and finishing.
    I really like your idea to add felt in between the button and the fabric, a nice little detail.