Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth of July.  
This is a small piece I did several years ago.  
Don't know exactly when.  
 The beauty of having a three day weekend is when all the usual weekenI use the fd stuff that you need to get done because you work, you still have ONE MORE DAY!!!!
That started me thinking about the closet in my sewing room.  
The room its self is a disaster.  
Katy has some of the overflow from her room in there a.k.a. also know as yarn stash.  
That's okay for now.  
The closet is a mess and maybe some day it would be better without the closet doors on it.
I still can use this room for company because there is a sleeper sofa in it. 
 I use the photo storage boxes for my overdyes and keep them in floss keeper bags, alphabetically by
I did buy some different baskets at Joann's a while ago, the two dark brown ones on the top shelf.  
I got two more that size this weekend and two smaller ones to reorganize and sort.  
Uniformity works for me.  
The one thing I wish my house had was a linen closet, a BIG one.  
I have storage in the bathrooms but, not for big things like pillows and extra blankets.  
They end up in the closets.  
There is stuff like that in this closet.  
Maybe this will all help and make it look more neat and pretty.  

 Finally,  I am working on BBD Summer Garden.
It is the latest in the Prim Stitchers Club from Dying to Stitch.  
I am way behind on all those kits.  
I found a bunch this morning while rummaging around in the closet.  
It is finished as a floss holder.  
More to follow
Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Fourth!
Keep on Stitching....battery is about to die and I'm outside.  UGH! 


  1. Your BBD piece looks super. I hope they re-release some of their club kits in chart only form down the road. Good luck with the closet organization! Enjoy your day!

  2. That closet looks great! I do like the new piece, very pretty colors.