Sunday, June 12, 2016

Monica, Rogue Stitcher

I'm working on Chessie and Me, Flag of Glory Needle Book. 
Each strip on the flag is different.  
The bottom red strip is suppose to be a satin stitch with one thread.
That really didn't work well.
Could use two strands but, you know, satin stitches sometimes just don't look nice.
I decided to really deviate from the pattern and do the red strips as a cross stitch.

Not so rogue.
The gold called for in the stars is Mustard Seed.
When I stitched it, it just looked more green than gold to me.
I'm replacing that with I think with Weeks Gold
The colors top to bottom.
Weeks Gold
GAST:  Gold Leaf
Grecian Gold
Mustard Seed.

Finished the BBD Hearts but, I need to attach the doo-dads before I can post the finish.
I need some bronze chain so Katy will make me some.  
I have the charms I need.  
Maybe next time.  

Computer sideline tip.
You know how sometimes things just disappear on you when you are reach to the shift or enter key?
Next time you loose something, stop, don't go any further and 
Hit CTRL and Z at the same time.  
Things magically, yes magically reappear!
Good to have computer nerd kids!

Hope you had an awesome weekend. 
Thanks for stopping.
Keep on Stitching 


  1. I like your changes to the Chessie and Me piece. My satin stitches never look good, so I usually change them to something else. So, which gold did you pick? I wouldn't say the Mustard Seed is in the gold family. Enjoy your day!

  2. Grecian Gold and Gold Leaf are both good gold colors not sure about that Mustard Seed--might save it for another project. I usually use two threads with satin stitch because of the coverage for myself sometimes one thread is not enough