Sunday, June 26, 2016

Finished the Flag of Glory Needle Book

 I finished the Chessie and Me Flag of Glory.  
I didn't do the pinkeep.  
I tried to find some wool like the picture with the pattern
 I have some homespun in my stash and I thought that matched well.  
I used some hemp for the scissor fob and on the needle book to attach to the button as a closure.  
 The back and the change in the saying and I added a few extra stars.
The original only had the ones in the corner.  
I really like stars so I added a few more.  
When my mom moved into the Assisted Living, I saved this from the rummage sale.  
It is a tray you put under a pie while baking.
It nearly was a fight with my younger sister over it.  
I am sure I bake way more pies than she does.  
I don't know if I have ever seen one of these lately.  
I didn't see one on the William Sonoma website.  
When we moved here about 18 years ago, my family decided we should do another family photo.  
My sister talked to a photographer who had done the one when my kids were baptised.  
He recommended this photographer.  
We were talking about this picture when we worked on my mom's memory book.  
It didn't make the cut.
This picture was the best one out of the bunch.
I'm the one with the glasses.  
My brother in law with the mustache really looks thrilled to be there.  
Katy, sitting on grandpa's lap looks like she is up to something, maybe slipped Ed something and that's why he's holding his throat.  

We later found out, when the kids graduated from High School. that this photographer was out of business and allegedly had a peep hole in the woman's changing room.  
I know, right.  

I am nearly done with Little Lady Liberty my Little House Needleworks. 
Hope you had a great weekend.  
Keep on Stitching 


  1. Love the family photo! Nice finishes--adding the extra stars was a good stitching decision.

  2. I like your finish and the addition of the extra stars. It turned out super. What a lovely family photo!

  3. very sweet finish monica, congrats! so now when i see one of those pie trays, i'll know what it is:)