Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Conundrum

I got all the Christmas decorations out.  
I do have a few Christmas stitches framed.
I could have sworn I had another Prairie Schooler that fit into a frame.  
Do you think I can find it.
I have looked everywhere.
Maybe, I'm just losing my mind or maybe it will turn up after Christmas.  
Who knows?

I thought I had frame parts for Stacy Nashs' Christmas at Holly Berry Farm, but, I don't.
I have my don going to Ben Franklins over the weekend to get frame parts.
I gave him the dimensions and the color preferences.
I have also told him to get help and call me if he is unsure.  
Keep your fingers crossed.

I started the Lizzie Kate Mystery sampler from last year but, not enough progress to merit a picture.  
I'll post a picture when I have more to show.  
I did finish the Thankful Quaker
I even have a frame the right size for this.  

Glad it's Friday tomorrow.  I'm ready for the weekend and a day off.  Taking mom Christmas shopping on Saturday.  That always proves to be an experience!

Hope your week is going well.
Keep on Stitching


  1. I love your Thankful Quaker piece.

  2. Thankful Quaker is beautiful! Good luck with the shopping adventure!

  3. Thankful Quaker looks great!
    Have fun shopping.

  4. I feel your pain--so sure I have something stitched and cannot find it. so sure I have a frame which will work and nope. don't let the Grinch steal your Christmas--it will all be wonderful