Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Gifts for the Stitching Group

I have wanted to find a pattern for project bags after seeing such splendid specimens on Faye's blog the Carolina Stitcher.  I knew that I could do a stitching bag for the Stitching Group as a Christmas present.
I got a Heart and Hand pattern that had the finishing instructions. 
Instead of the stitched pattern that came with it, I stitched With Thy Needle and Thread Sewing Bird.  
I picked up the fabric at the local quilt store.  It's a Civil War reproduction and I thought it would go well with the stitched piece.  
I should have taken a picture of the inside of the bag since there are two pockets. 
 I used the red fabric for that.  
I did make a little beaded bling as a zipper pull in the colors of the fabric.  
Arttie said, "You even put in zippers."  
I told her, "I did take sewing in high school.  I even know how to make flat feld seams."  
Not that I use them very often.  
In my younger days, I did sew a few skirts with matching purse covers.  
I had one of the wooden purse handle with the covers that buttoned on. 
I really don't like to sew other than for things like this.
I don't like sitting at a sewing machine so I don't know that I ever would be a quilter.
The latest update on the LK Mystery Sampler.  
Don't know that it will be done by Christmas.  
That's okay
Katy got home yesterday and she'll be home to New Year's Eve.  We have errands to run today.  Buster is having a spa day so he'll be all buffed up for Christmas.  I don't know that you could buff up Henry Ford.

Thanks for stopping and keep on stitching.



  1. The bag is wonderful. I don't think I could do one with zipper and all. Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas with your family. It must be great having your daughter home for awhile. Enjoy!

  2. Love the project bag! The LK project is wonderful

  3. What fabulous project bags you created for your stitch group! Nice progress on the LK piece! I do hope Buster enjoys his spa day. Enjoy your time with your daughter!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. This is lovely and what a nice design. X

  5. I was wondering what the name of pattern is to make these lovely bags. I`d like to make these bags with seams hidden inside lining. I have a few stitcheries that would make lovely bags. Happy Stitching.