Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow Storms, Projects and Henry Ford

We had a snow storm yesterday and got about six inches.  
It was a beautiful snow and was really coming down all morning.  

 I really don't mind snow and it wasn't very cold.  
 Alot of the snow from earlier had melted.  
We did have a few inches for a white Christmas.
 It had pretty much ended by lunch time.  
Just so happened to have gotten a few good pictures of Henry Ford.
 Kind of has his cheeks sucked in.  

It is difficult to get a picture of him sitting still.
Usually, all the pictures are more like this.
 I have been ticking away at last years Stacy Nash, stitching it on the Homespun.
 Finally, got it all stitched. 
I had bought the wrong interfacing.
I also had gotten some Stitch Witchery.
They have re-fomulated that since the last time I bought and it doesn't work worth shit. 
So, I threw it out. 
It is in the frame and on the wall.  
I am quite pleased with how it turned out.
It will be hanging all year in the sewing room. 
 This is the aftermath of the storm yesterday.
It is much colder but the sky is such a gorgeous blue, I had to take a few snaps. 
 It is suppose to be a cold week. 
When it is cold, you can bank on the sun shining and a clear blue sky.  
 The snow is still sticking to the trees until the wind kicks up.  
 I really thought I would be done with this  by now but, I've been busy with the holidays and working on socks to send back with kids.  I don't know that that will happen either but, I'm really trying. 
 Katy had her wisdom teeth removed on Friday.  She had a dental check-up on Tuesday and the dentist told her it was time.  The oral surgeons are here two days a week.  She was on the cancellation list and we were hoping it would get done before she returned to school.  It was a  Christmas miracle and it got done on Friday.  I've been making her mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs.  Today was the worst day.  I'm hoping she will be on the upswing tomorrow.  We are praying for no dry sockets.

Hope your Christmas went well....ours did...No fights, no falls, no forays...hooray!

Thanks for stopping!
See you in the new year.

Keep on stitching.


  1. The Stacy Nash design is one of my favorites. I would also keep it up all year. Sure hope your DD does well with her teeth. That can be pretty miserable. Loved the blue skies and the snow. We just have RAIN!!

  2. Love your snow pictures! Does Henry Ford like the snow? Congratulations on your Stacy Nash finish! Hope your daughter's mouth continues mend.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Love the Stacy Nash on the homespun and then framed! Great finishing job! I really want to "borrow" that idea :)

  4. Hope Katy is ok. It can be so painful having teeth out. Your stitching is as gorgeous as always too.

    I am so jealous of your snow. We were forecast an inch or two and never got a flake!

  5. Love your Stacy Nash finish! It is just lovely!
    Pretty snow too.
    I hope that Katy is doing well.
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. The yard looks so pretty all covered in snow! Love the Stacy Nash finish too! Always a treat to see what you are working on (and finishing)! :-) Warm salt water rinse helped when I had my wisdom teeth removed... especially after having a meal... hope Katy heals quickly...

  7. The photos of the snow are beautiful as is Henry Ford and your Stacy Nash sampler--I am so close to having this finished. No dry sockets--hope she is on the mend and feeling better

  8. I love the way you framed your sampler (and the sampler itself is lovely too). What a great idea! Will have to remember that. I hope that Katy feels better quickly. Enjoy that snow. It sure is pretty!

  9. Gorgeous sampler, definitely keep it up all year ")
    Hope your daughter is feeling better today.
    -45 here today! and no end in sight for the rest of the week (sigh)

  10. Love your finish!! Great snow pics and such a sweet pup!