Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To Get Everyone Confused

I rarely post on Tuesdays.  
This should get everyone confused.
It was a hectic week.
By Sunday, I was pooped and just didn't have it in me to blog.  
I had everyone at my house for dinner on Friday night, including my MIL.
I determined that would be our Mother's Day dinner.  
All my sisters were her for my Mom's birthday.  
We are an exquisitely photogenic bunch (insert eye roll here).  
I cropped the picture as to delete my fat tush.  
Mom is sitting, Meg is next to her.
Maureen is holding Buster, Mary is in the middle.  
I'm really happy everyone was able to make it.
It meant alot to my Mom. 
 I am nearly done with LHN 
 Love the little sheepies!
 I had to take my sister back to Green Bay to fly home.  
I stopped at the Bee on my way home to check out the floss for the BBD SAL
I decided I liked the Loganberry.  
Forgot to get some Grecian Gold but will use the Endive instead.  
 Dontcha know one thing leads to another.
I do my best to support my local needleshop
 Grabbed up the dyed pom-pom from Dames of the Needle in
English Ivy and Wonka's Blueberry.
I had bought some natural colored from Hobby Lobby sometime ago before anyone was using it.  
 This was new from Homespun Samplers.
Going to sub some of the floss for the Silks.  
I did buy this out from under Kendra. 
It was her copy.  
Love Brenda's designs.  
Glad there is no vaccine for this illness!
Making a quick good by. 
I need to get my oil changed before I go to work.  
I have a Hand Conference this weekend.
Thanks for stopping 
Have a great day!
Keep on Stitching


  1. What a wonderful weekend you had! Happy to hear your Mom's birthday dinner was a success. Super pictures!

    Robin in Virginia

  2. I love how your LHN Sheep Hear My Voice is turning out! Great stash, too. I haven't been to the Stitching Bee for a long time. I need to brave the interchange and make a stop next time I'm driving through GB!


  3. lovely photo of you all ... well done on the stitching front :) great goodies you got there from the stitching shop ... can't wait to see what you do with them ... love mouse xxxxx

  4. Great family photo and some wonderful stash!!!

  5. Your family photo is wonderful; you are blessed! My Sheep is lovely, can't wait to see your finish. That's a design that's definitely on my to-do list. Have fun with your new stash!