Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gotta Love Stash

I might not have been able to go the the cross stitch store in La Crosse but, I still acquired some stash. 
I had to pick my sister up at the airport in Green Bay.
I was able to go to the Stitching Bee and picked up a few things there. 
She had sleds.
I decided I better get them now rather than wait until I need them.
If I do that, I won't be able to get them.  
 I did place an order with 123 Stitch too, mostly for thread.  
I ordered the Sewing Bird by With Thy Needle and Thread and got some of the thread at the Bee.  
 All the thread I ordered from 123 Stitch were for projects in the hopper. 
I needed some GAST Simply Wool for Widgets & Wool Primitives American Wool.
 GAST and Classic Colorworks for  Lulu's Flock from Chessie and Me
House of Blues and Browns from With Thy Needle and Thread
 My favorite needle in my favorite size 28's.
I wasn't so sure about these when I used them the first time.
They almost glided too easy.
 While at the Bee, I picked up a couple of patterns.  
La-D-Da, A Sister's Garden and
 After seeing this all over the FB Prim Stitcher, I had to have it....
Spring Hare.  
He really is dapper in his overcoat. 
 Finally, and update on LHN I've been working on.  
There are some flowers and leaves along the bottom.  
My mom is going to be 87 on Thursday so, my sister came for her birthday.
She (my mom) is getting a little goofy in her dotage. 
She called me at 6:30 Friday morning to let me know her whole right side was painful but, she didn't want to go to the ED.  She just wanted me to know....just because.  
I suggested a few things to help and told her not to vacuum.  
When we got to her house after the ride from the airport she told my sister, "She just wanted to talk."
Bowel movements are often the most important topic of conversation.  
I suppose when I'm 87 that will be an important concern for me too.  
Hopefully your weekend was full of good movements.
Thanks for stopping and commenting.
I adore hearing from you.
Keep on Stitching


  1. I do love your stash. You have two patterns that I have considered! I really like them both a lot. I know what you mean. My step mom is 93 and she comes up with some strange things. Oh well, I probably will to if I reach that ripe old age.

  2. Funny girl. I hope that your Mom has a wonderful birthday. I love all your stash. It looks like you are close to a finish there.

  3. Stash is looking great I too have the Spring Hare on my list he is adorable....your stitching is looking wonderful will be a beautiful piece when completed!

  4. LOL. I hope your Mom has a great birthday. I love the stash. I love all the new thread.


  5. Monica, the stash looked great as did your stitching; but I have to be honest here, I am laughing as I read as my mom (79) does the same thing and chooses the same topic.......have a great day :)

  6. Look at all the wonderfullness! :)

  7. What fun new stash; love the threads! Wishing your Mom a most delightful birthday!

    Enjoy your week!

    Robin in Virginia

  8. You got some great stash there!!