Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day...Early

Happy Early Memorial Day.
It has been a very busy weekend.  
Housework yesterday and straightening out Katy's room.
I think we are about to hit critical mass with that one.  
Not too much room to stash stuff in there.  
May have to really start purging but, I hate to do that without her involvement.  
I tried to face time while going through things but, we had connection issues.  

The report from Ed in Marquette on the balmy south shore of Lake Superior is there are still iceberg.  
His friend Carbs went in to get a chunk of ice and couldn't feel his feet when he was back on the beach.  
I made up some of the pots for the graves at the cemetery for my mom and went and put them out.
Her sister did some of them too so we only had two to put out.  
One was for may dad but, he's not at the cemetery.
He's on the dresser at her house. 
I know, Yikes right!
He was cremated and she will be too, then buried together.  
Made you think twice, didn't I.  

We stopped at Home Depot this morning after church to pick up flowers, tomato plants, potting soil and osmakote fertilizer.
I usually get my mom and my MIL hanging baskets for Mother's Day.  
I did get one for my MIL but, two of my sisters got my mom baskets.
Another one would have been overkill.
She did mention, potted tomato plants so I did that instead this year.  
When I got to her house, I planted those.

After we came back here for dinner, I planted some wave petunias in my pots.  
Believe it or not, I don't think we have freeze warnings.  
It was 89 here today.   
I finally finished my eyelet letters on the BBD SAL and nearly done with the eyelet border.  
I may do a little more gardening tomorrow but, I really plan on having a stitching day.  
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and we have ONE MORE DAY!!!
Thanks for stopping and the wonderful comments. 
Keep on Stitching


  1. Three day weekends are so much fun, glad you got to spend some time outside in the garden.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful day of stitching!

  3. Nice going on the BBD sampler!