Thursday, May 8, 2014

Whirlwind Week....Almost Didn't Title this Post....OOPS!

Its been a very busy week.  
My sister has been here and we have had lots of fun.
We did get together for a little stitching and wine on Tuesday.  
She left here about 10 pm.  
Just after she left my mom called and scolded me because "No one called her to let her know it was going to be that late."
I guess my 63 y/o sister has a 9 pm
Wednesday we had dinner at our Aunts.
Today, was my mom's birthday so we took her to her eye doctors appointment, shopping and out to lunch.  
My mom now has a bug up her butt about making another twin size quilt.
She does the hand quilting but she doesn't have the executive skills to piece the top.
My aunt has been doing most of her tops for the last year.  
My sister is going to take the fabric home and make the top for her and send it back.  

I don't know if you have seen the SAL Blackbird Design HERE but, I got my thread together.
Of course I didn't have all the right thread so I improvised.
I also didn't have the same fabric so I improvised.
Its 32 ct Vintage Exemplar that I swashed some walnut shell dye.  
 Here's the thread. 
I kind of combined the two listed and substituted Old Red Paint for the Loganberry.
If I get to the cross stitch store this weekend I may buy the Loganberry.  
 The color didn't exactly turn out right, kind of gold.
The picture with the flash was too washed out.  
Last week, when I made dinner for my mom, she commented, 
"The best birthday present would be if all my daughters would get together for my birthday."
I told her she should have told me that sooner. 
I did contact my other two sisters to see if they could make it. 
I know it was short noticed but, I think they will be here.  
I'm not a 100% sure.
I will be making dinner tomorrow.  
I have a rhubarb pie and lemon pear mold made.  
Chicken on the grill, asparagus and baked risotto.
We thought about going out to eat but, my mom would not be able to hear anything.
We will be able to visit if its here.  
I invited my MIL too so, now I'm not going to do anything for Mother's day.
This will be it.  
Hope you have had a good week. 
Thanks for all the great comments.
Keep on Stitching


  1. I am doing the Blackbird SAL to and had to do the same thing with my threads. Why is it that no matter how many threads you have, when you try to kit a new project you never seem to have the right ones??!! I like my subs though and am just going to go with it!! Laura

  2. It sounds like you are having some good family time! Nice choices for the new SAL.

  3. Your week did sound busy, but quite filled with happy, good things! Hope your other 2 sisters are able to make it.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Whirlwind indeed! Lots of family time and great stitching!

  5. love the curfew time .,.. enjoy your family get together nice hint from your mum and oooooo like your choice for the sal ... need to get mine sorted :) love mouse xxxxx