Thursday, April 3, 2014

Think I Would Have Finished but the Bank and Quicken Screwed Me Up.

I only have a few more letters and Merry Christmas left to do.
I think I could have finished it today.
I had the day off and didn't have it in me to clean. 
I had nearly 30 hours in by the end of the day yesterday and my Stitching Group at my house last night.  
The only thing I had on the agenda was to take my mom  to have her taxes done.
She wasn't feeling good so I picked up everything and took them to be done.  
I ran a few other errands and had receipts to log into Quicken.
About a month and a half ago it stopped interfacing with my bank.  
I tried to fix it according to the directions but, it still wouldn't interface.  
I really miss it because it puts the transactions into the register especially the ones Bob doesn't give me the receipts too. 
I have to go online into the bank to find them or wait until he cleans out his wallet and gives them to me.
Today I tried it and it worked!
Oh,  happy day...not yet.
There were duplicates of some things and then not. 
So I had to drag out the old statements from February and go through things again.  
At one point there was a difference of $4000.  
That is a heart attack waiting to happen.
After nearly two hours, I was done and things were within $1.50 of what I started with.
Now we can say

I am ready to be done with this piece and move on to the next. 
I broke down and ordered Threadwork Primitives Cinnamon Heart.
This weekend.  
And, I have been trying not to complain about the weather but, we are having another snowstorm from now until 1 am Saturday 6-16" on snow, sleet and freezing rain. 
It has started sleeting.  
The upside is the robins and doves are back so Spring is Near.  
Thanks for the great comments!
Hope your week has been good. 
Keep on Stitching 


  1. Sorry that you are getting more weather. So close to a finish! I is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful, I have that piece in my stash will have to get at it quicker now!

  3. It won't be much longer and your WIP will be finished. Sorry to hear you are having another winter storm. Hopefully, it is will be a short-lived one.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia